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I got a question on the Tips from the Disney Diva Facebook site about getting groceries delivered to your resort and realized I’d NEVER written on that before!

If you’re trying to do Disney on a budget, bringing groceries with you & stopping by the grocery store on the way in are excellent options to save on dining. However that’s contingent on IF you are in your car or have rented a car for the trip. So what do you do if you use Magical Express to take you or have a taxi deliver you to your resort?

Well, you can have groceries delivered to your resort whether you are staying ON or OFF property.

There are two well established and dependable companies I’ve heard of being used to deliver to the WDW and Universal area resorts and hotels (except the Swan and Dolphin).

The first is Garden Grocer.


It’s quite easy to use. You simply create an account. Then click on Shop and order from over 4,800 products, select your Delivery Date and Time and check out.

You must have a minimum order of $40.00. I don’t know about you, but I can burn $40.00 in a grocery store without even trying. You’ll pay a $12.00 delivery fee and a tip for the delivery person, but other than that the prices appear to be pretty comparable to any grocery store you might visit. So no, its not major inflation of prices on top of the delivery fee from what I can tell.

Another option is We Go Shop


We Go Shop is totally different from Garden Grocer in that they can go anywhere and shop for your groceries. They can go to Costco and Sams Club even. Delivery fee is based upon how much you spend, but it looks like the base is $100.00s worth of groceries and that comes with a $25.00 fee. There is an order form that you complete that allows you to write what you want, where you want them to get it, and when/ where you want it delivered.

So if you have a refrigerator, big or small, in your room/ resort you could potentially save a lot of money by ordering groceries in instead of eating every meal in the parks. As soon as you know your travel dates and that you want groceries you need to think about placing your order so you can get the best delivery times.

Have fun!