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Author: Canadian Diva

Ahhhhhhh, Spring is in the air, the birds are chirping, the leaves and grass are growing… what a long winter we had, especially up here in Canada. The LAST thing on your mind would be to think of FALL.

Why think of Autumn while I’m starting a happy spring in my step?

Well because Halloween tickets are already on sale at Walt Disney World!!

The Halloween season at Walt Disney World is one of the BEST times to visit, many of the Diva writers will attest to this. Crowds are generally lower (except for major holidays weekends), the weather is warm yet comfortable, plus you have the most wonderful Parade and Party to attend, the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in the Magic Kingdom.

Why buy my tickets now?

Halloween tickets SELL OUT quickly. There are only a number of set days that you can go. Sure you can take a chance and buy your tickets closer to the date planned, but to avoid disappointment, it is advisable to buy them as soon as you know you are planning a trip to WDW.

The dates that sell out the fastest are, Columbus Day weekend, most weekend parties closer to Halloween (which falls on Thursday October 31, this year) and of course the days leading up to Halloween and Halloween day itself.

Note: Dopey Diva was able to score tickets in late September the day before the Parade. September is a great time to see the parade because crowds are usually much lower. The Canadian Diva family was able to buy our Halloween tickets a couple of months before our October visit, but the day we went was two Tuesday before Halloween. We  had to hold our breathe hoping that tickets were still available.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is exactly what the name suggests, it is family friendly with lots of things to do and extras to see.
Meeting the 7 Dwarfs was #1 on our list.
Diva Tip: Line up at about 6:30pm or earlier to meet them so you can enjoy the rest of the party.
Party starts at 7:00pm, see articles linked below for more tips!!
Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty)
with her Prince Phillip.

You get to meet many characters that are not normally out during the year. Like ALL 7 Dwarfs! You can interact a bit with them and take a photo but they do not sign autographs.

The Princesses are in full beaming glory with happiness because they are along side their Prince (they sign autographs). Make sure you view your map for where they will be.

We really wanted to meet Dr. Facilier from the
“Princess and the Frog.”
The Villains Mix and Mingle is splendidly wicked. The show features the popular Disney villains like Maleficent, Snow White’s vain Queen, the Queen of Hearts and many others. They are all dancing up a thunderous storm on stage in front of the Castle. Right after the show, you pick which Villain you want to take a photo with (they do not sign autographs) and line up. Usually you can only have time for one Villain so if you want to take a photo with another, you have to wait for the next show. They perform a few times during the night, so check your Guide Map!
One of the most fun and memorable parades. It is colorful, cheerful with just enough ghoulish delight to go with the theming. Kids of all ages will be excited to see a lot of their favorite Disney characters in the Parade, and many in pretty neat costumes. The choreography of many of the performers is just incredible, especially the “Gravediggers” with their shovels. Although the “Cowboys” were wildly entertaining, I think the group of women behind me got a bit too excited over them. Cast Members hand out candy and the music stays in your head for weeks. My daughter and I couldn’t stop singing, “Boo, to you” after our vacation.
The “Queen” in Snow White, in all her vain glory!
Goofy’s Candy Co. floats by in the parade,
but you can get lots of treats at the various
Trick or Treat stations.
There will be a map given to you with stations of where to get loads of yummy treats to fill your bag. Bring a larger bag if you want a lot to fill your sweet tooth, otherwise, use the smaller bags provided when you enter Magic Kingdom.

Happy HalloWishes:

No evening is complete at Magic Kingdom without a “spooktacular” fireworks show, and Happy HalloWishes delivers! Get a seat early (we sat right in front of the Castle) to be wowed by the colors, the sounds and howling amazement.
And More… from Dance Parties to a tricked out Haunted Mansion (my daughter opted not to see this), read the articles linked below on the many spellbinding activities you can do during this time of year.
Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party runs from September 10, 2013 to November 1, 2013 on select nights, see here for exact dates and pricing.
We strongly recommend you use a Disney Travel Specialist to help plan your trip and aid you in answering questions and giving advice. Contact our own Patricia with All for Dreams Travel to get a quote.
Here are  magical reasons why
All for Dreams Travel should plan YOUR trip.
The Disney Diva team of writers LOVE Halloween at Walt Disney World so much, we have a screamingly slew of articles for you:
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  3. The Disney Diva herself, gives great TIPS to make the most of this event. Note: these tips are for 2012 and can definitely apply to 2013, however make sure you check the WDW information for any change in events, times etc., better yet contact Patricia with All for Dreams Travel who can handle all details for YOU!
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The Spirit of the Halloween can be felt around Walt Disney World, where stores will be stocked with the season’s paraphernalia. Although Magic Kingdom will be the park celebrating the most.


Downtown Disney!

And don’t forget, ’tis the season for the most delicious event at Walt Disney World. The Epcot Food and Wine Festival in the Epcot theme park. Go ahead and relish in all it’s tasty opulence of foods and drink from around the world.