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By Pink Diva

Do you have a dinosaur lover in your family?  Do you want to travel back in time before the ice age?  Or want to experience the sights and sounds of prehistoric time?  Well, T-REX is for you!

T-REX Dining

You can’t have a T-REX restuarant without a giant t-rex.

My daughter recently celebrating her 8th birthday.  She loves dinosaurs and to surprise her we took her to T-REX.  In my experience reservations were easy to get.  We reserved our table for 6 in the evening of December 23 for a December 24 (her actual birthday) reservation.  If you know this is somewhere you HAVE to eat at, make sure you do have reservations as soon as possible to secure the time and date you want.

T-REX is located in Disney Springs.  You do not need a park ticket to eat there, so it is a great option for non-park days.  It is centrally located in Disney Springs.  The Lego Store and World of Disney are right around the corner, so you can get some fun shopping in before or after you eat.

T-REX Dining

A giant prehistoric jellyfish in the “underwater” section.

T-REX Dining

The frozen t-rex skeleton was getting into the Christmas spirit.

We were seated quickly, but T-REX does have an area near the front, the Paleo Zone, to engage young guests while you wait.  There is a sand pit where you can dig for fossils and other hidden treasures.  I’m sure my kids would have enjoyed digging and playing.

We were seated in the blue cave area.  It looks like an ice cave.  While it was very neat, the colors changing from blue to red can be a little distracting and unsettling.  If anyone in your party has any sensitivity to constantly changing lights  ask to not be seated in this area.

Roughly every 20 minutes you get to witness a meteor shower where all the dinosaurs come to life.  If you have ever eaten at a Rainforest Cafe, it’s basically the same thing just with dinosaurs.  The blue cave where we were had a good view of the dinosaurs around us.  While we couldn’t see all the dinosaurs, we could see quite a few from our seats.  The other more jungle areas each have their own specific dinosaurs.  We were able to walk around and see them all in action while we waiting for our meal.  My kids were not scared, but it could be scary for very young kids the first time they see it.  It only last a few minutes each time.

T-REX Dining

Kids meal mammoth portions.

T-REX Dining

Birthday girl her with her special desert.  You can see how blue the blue room really is!

We were all very impressed with the food.  While a meal will run between $15 and $35 a person, the portions are mammoth.  Even the kids meals were dinosaur size. My daughter, the birthday girl, picked out sliders.  We were playfully teasing her because she had only eaten one of the two so far.  We then noticed that her kid meal sliders had double patties on it like the adult burgers!  (She did end up eating about half of the other one so she could save room for desert!)  My son, who is the pickiest eater in our family, was very happy with his 7 corn dogs and fries.  The kids meals come on fun dinosaur printed plates.

I split the nachos with my mother-in-law and neither one of us went away hungry.  My husband choose the fish and chips and was very happy with his decision.  My father-in-law picked one of the giant sandwiches.  Our reservation was for 1:45 in the afternoon.  None of us ate dinner that night.  We were still full from lunch.  We did have enough room for birthday cake later in the evening.

T-REX Dining

If you look closely, there is a baby dino next to her.

T-REX Dining

The dinosaur-loving birthday girl had a great time!

The wait staff was busy with it being Christmas Eve, so we did have to wait on our waiter a bit.  He, along with the rest of the staff, were very polite and made our experience special.  We did have to remind him we had a birthday in our party.  When he and a few others brought her desert and sang to her it was all worth a little wait.




If you are looking for a dining experience that is unique, filling, and full of fun T-REX is for you!  Sit back, enjoy the atmosphere and wait for the next meteor shower!