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by Local Diva

We LOVE Disney World character breakfasts. Mickey Waffles, bacon, and sausage gravy galore! The only problem? As a mom of three little ones, chasing them around a park afterwards can prove challenging if I indulge too much. This is why we typically choose a character breakfast on a park-free day, but on this particular morning, we were spending some time at Animal Kingdom following our pre-park opening breakfast. Here’s a little peek into what you can expect to find at Animal Kingdom’s “Tusker House”  breakfast if you’re looking for some lighter or healthier options!


Tucked in the corner of the buffet is a gluten free baked goods section. They have cinnamon sugar doughnuts available, as well as bagels, toast, and a selection of muffins. I love the fact that Disney leaves the “Udi’s Gluten Free” packaging out for families with food allergies to review if necessary!


To the left of the “kiddie” buffet, sits the porridge (oatmeal) section. This area contains some yummy fresh oatmeal, and a few toppings, including cinnamon, brown sugar, and raisins – not a huge selection of toppings, so I added some from…


they yogurt bar! This is my favorite stop on the buffet. I love options, and they give you a ton here. Dried fruits and various toppings, two types of yogurt, and some hard boiled eggs are all found in this area on the left hand side of the buffet.



As with most buffets, there is a mixed fruit option with some cottage cheese available.


Keeping with theme, Tusker House makes a wide variety of jams and chutneys to top your toast. This is also where you will find butter, cubes of cheese, and cream cheese for your bagels. Interestingly, there was a “veggie” cream cheese option, which tasted quite lovely on my gluten free bread! I suggest trying a bit of everything here for a wide selection of flavors and fruits!

There is also a section in the center with fresh whole fruit – apples, bananas, oranges, etc. Drink options are standard besides their yummy homemade punch, which is too delicious to pass up!



Here’s what my final plate looked like – full of variety (I also added a Mickey waffle on top – can’t get TOO healthy). I was stuffed by the time we walked out, and it was a nice boost of energy for a hot and long day at Animal Kingdom.


Outside of Tusker House, Animal Kingdom is full of healthy options around the park. Directly in front of Kilimanjaro Safari sits a fruit stand that is plentiful! Yogurts, hummus, craisins, whole fruits, and waters can all be found here!


Headed to “Finding Nemo: The Musical” I stumbled across an allergy dining cart, which included gluten free, dairy free, and vegan options such as hummus and veggies, vegan gluten free doughnuts and granola bars, and “Tofutti” brand tofu ice cream.


Let us know! What are your favorite breakfast options within Walt Disney World and Disney Land? And remember…a Mickey Waffle (or two!) is ALWAYS worth the splurge!