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By:  The Wicked Diva

Hello darlings!

Thanks to Hades we all know that everyone has a weakness.  At Walt Disney World in the summer months that weakness is the heat!  Here are 5 Diva Tips to get you Chillin’ like a Villain in the heat at Disney!


Heat at Disney Hydrate
Even Villains need to stay hydrated.  To conquer the Walt Disney World Parks during the heat drinking lots of fluids is the number one thing to do!  The heat at Disney can be more brutal than any wrath any of the Disney Villains can conjure.  The heat index can sour as high as 112.
Plan accordingly for the heat at Disney by keeping water in your Walt Disney World Resort room.  You can have water shipped by Amazon.  This way a case of water will be available to you when you arrive.
Packing a refillable water bottle is another great way to be Chillin’ like a Villain in the heat at Disney.  A refillable water is important to staying hydrated in the Walt Disney World Parks.
Taking things without paying for it may seem vile, but at the Walt Disney World Resort water is free!  Simply go to any Quick Service location and ask for water.  Often times there are cups already filled.  Grab the water and go!  This is when your refillable water bottle will come in handy, as there are no more lids or straws available at the Walt Disney World Resort.
In the event you don’t like free water and feel the need to buy water, do so at one of the shops.  This is especially true for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Members, as you will save 20% on purchases!  This discount will only apply in a store, not at a snack cart or quick service!

Take Breaks

Heat at Disney Take Breaks
The heat at Disney can be exhausting, Darlings, so plan for breaks and non-park days.  There is very little shade to be found in Walt Disney World.  To find relief you will need to find air conditioned areas.

Take Breaks:  Attractions

These would include indoor attractions.  The Wicked Diva’s top attractions for a break from the heat at Disney:
  1.  Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Cabaleros at Disney’s Epcot
  2.  Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover at Disney’s Magic Kingdom
  3.  Muppet*Vision 3D at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  4.  Wildlife Express Train at Disney’ Animal Kingdom
These attractions are safe for the whole family, usually have a short wait time and do not require a FastPass+.  I may be Wicked, but I’m not a monster!

Take Breaks:  Shopping

Head to the shops for another area with air condition to get out of the heat at Disney.  This Wicked Diva loves to use the heat at Disney as an excuse to get into the shops!  I love cooling down while I shop.  Getting out of the heat at Disney to shop is an excellent opportunity to grabbing those hard to find souvenirs earlier in the day before they sell out.  Don’t forget that Walt Disney World Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members get 20% off merchandise.
Diva Tip:  Oh Darlings, being a Diva means I don’t have to carry my bags of merchandise through the park, especially in the heat at Disney.  If you are staying at the Walt Disney World Resort that night you can have your treasures delivered to your room.  When you are only there for the day you can have your treasures meet you at the exit.  Simply let the Cast Member know at check out that you do not want to carry your bags and they will arrange everything!

Take Breaks:  Eating

Villains love to eat.  In almost all Disney movies there is at least one scene a Villain is eating, drinking or snacking on something!  Take a lesson and eat something, before you start screaming “Off with their heads!”
All Table Service meals will be indoors, so that means air conditioning.  Make those advance dining reservations prior to your trip.  Plan for times when the heat at Disney would be the worse!
Although Quick Service locations are not always indoors, some do provide shaded sitting areas.  So, if you didn’t make an advance dining reservation for lunch, there are plenty of alternatives.  The Wicked Diva’s top Quick Service locations for a break from the heat at Disney:
  1. Sunshine Seasons at Disney’s Epcot
  2. Pinocchio Village Haus at Disney’s Magic Kingdom
  3. ABC Commissary at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  4. Flame Tree Barbecue at Disney’ Animal Kingdom
Although Flame Tree Barbecue has outdoor seating it is in a shaded area providing a break from the heat at Disney.

Take Breaks:  Resort

There is a misconception that you have to spend every waking moment in one of the Disney Parks.  Let me be the first to tell you:  You Do NOT!  It is more than okay to go back to your Walt Disney Resort for a break, especially when the heat at Disney is at it’s peak.
When the sun is at it’s peak and you just cannot take it anymore just to go back to your Walt Disney World Resort to escape the heat at Disney.  While you are there you can nap, eat and/or take a dip in the pool.  This much needed break will allow you to freshen up and dare I say outfit change!
Have you ever considered being a Disney Vacation Club Member?  
Afterward simply head back into the Disney Park you left if you have a Day Ticket or explore a different Disney Park if you have a Park Hopper Ticket.

Take Breaks:  Non-Park Days

Non-Park Days in general should be worked into your Walt Disney World Vacation, regardless of the heat at Disney.  Being vile all the time can be exhausting so can constantly being on the move at Disney.  After all you don’t want a vacation from your vacation!
A wonderful way to enjoy the Walt Disney World Resort you picked is to have a Non-Park Day to explore it!  You will be out of the heat in Disney by shopping or eating in one of the many deviously delicious restaurants.  Your Resort will also have a few pools to choose from to cool down in after tanning.


Heat at Disney Sunscreen
You have your looks and your pretty face, so don’t underestimate to power of sunscreen!  In the heat at Disney the sun will be more vicious than any Disney Villain you could encounter!
As mother knows best: Apply sunscreen frequently!  This Diva only uses Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50.  We are a fair skinned Villainous family and this sunscreen has protected us from sunburn!
Diva Tip:  Should you or someone in your party become sunburned buy Aleo Vera from any of the gift shops, put it in the refrigerator and apply to skin.  This will help with pain and start to cool off area for healing.  A good Villain knows how to heal themselves after a battle!
To avoid sunburn at Walt Disney World plan to take advantage of early morning Extra Magic Hours.  For those staying on Walt Disney World property, and select nearby hotels, you can enjoy extra time in a select Disney Park before it opens to the public that day.  This way you have done your “Must Do” attractions and can avoid the sun and heat at Disney in the afternoon!
With Galaxy’s Edge opening soon at Walt Disney World World Resort, Disney announced the start of Extra, Extra Magic Hours for a limited time.  For more information visit the Walt Disney World WEBSITE.

Get Wet

Heat at Disney Get Wet
When you feel like you are burning due to the heat at Disney and cannot cool off fast enough then get wet!  There are plenty of places that both kids and adults can get wet at the Walt Disney World Parks to keep the whole family chillin’ like a Villain.
A few splash pads are located in Walt Disney World.
  1. Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station at Disney’s Magic Kingdom
  2. There are two located at Disney’s Epcot. The first is located on the bridge from Future World to World Showcase. The second is located on the way to Mission: Space in Future World East.
  3. There are two located at Disney Springs.  The first is located directly in front of The Void and the other is next to Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories.
These areas are a wretched good time Darlings in the heat at Disney for kids, as well as their Villainous parents.  It would be the fastest way to get wet.
Rides at the Walt Disney World Parks to get wet on will require a FastPass+ or waiting on a line.  These include:
  1. Splash Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom
  2. Kali River Rapids at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Darlings, like I mentioned earlier go back to your Walt Disney World Resort and take a dip in your resort pool!  That is why it is there!
Did you know that Walt Disney World has two water parks?  Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are a wicked good time and will keep you chillin’ like a Villain in the heat at Disney all day!

Dress for the Heat at Disney

Heat at Disney Dress
Villains have an iconic style, so take a lesson and dress your best even in the heat at Disney.  This means wearing layers and loose fitting clothes.  You need clothes that are breathable, not sticking to you making it harder for your body to cool down.
Being a Wicked Diva means you never let them see you sweat, so don’t wear clothes that will show sweat stains.  Avoid colors like grey as they are notorious for those back sweat stains.  Eww.
Now for a public service announcement.  There is nothing wrong with bringing a small travel deodorant with you to the Walt Disney World Parks.  It will be hot, steaming and crowded.  Please do yourself and everyone around you a favor and apply deodorant FREQUENTLY when in the heat at Disney.  Thank you!

Final Words

With these Diva Tips no one will see you sweat and you will beat the heat at Disney.  One last thing to consider, because again I am The Wicked Diva not a monster, is to know that in each of the Walt Disney World Parks there is a first aid location.  Should you or anyone of your minions show signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion then head to one of those locations IMMEDIATELY!  Small children and the elderly are at the highest risk so keep these Diva Tips in mind to prevent overexposure to the heat at Disney.
What tips would you add to be chillin’ like a Villain in the heat at Disney? Tinker Belle Diva has your tips for staying cool at Disneyland here.
If you are traveling to Walt Disney World during wet weather then read about 4 Unexpected Diva Tips For Wet Weather at Walt Disney World.  Patricia from All 4 Dreams Travel can help you plan that Walt Disney World trip contact her today!

Yours truly, The Fairest of Them All, The Wicked Diva

Hello darlings! I am Sarah, a wife, a mother who knows best and the mistress of all things Walt Disney World. Helping poor unfortunate souls plan their Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line vacations is what I live for! As a Disney Vacation Club Member, Walt Disney World Annual Passholder and local I have a few tricks up my sleeve to share, so you too can plan your trips like a true Disney Diva/Devo! One bite and all your dreams will come true. Yours Truly, The Fairest of Them All, The Wicked Diva.