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Author: Canadian Diva

If you read Disney Diva’s article “The Best Times and Worst Times” to go to Disney World, you would have read the MANTRA…..

“If Kids are OUT, then Disney World is OUT”.

So, the BIG question is, “Do I take my kids out of school for a trip to Disney World?”

I say “YES”! Of course it depends on your family’s situation. I’m talking about Junior Level age like Kindergarten to about 6th Grade. If your child is older, you may have to take more precautions with curriculum as well as extensive communication with your pre-teen/teenager’s various teachers.

The Fall is one of the BEST times to go to Disney World. The temperature is not scorching hot like the summer, and there are so many great events like Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival (wine for the adults, new foods to try for the kids), as well as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Also, it’s not as crowded as it is in the times mentioned in the article above!

Upon the Disney Diva’s advice to the question…….”Is Mickey’s No So Scary Halloween Party worth it to go?”, her prominent…”YOU BETCHA”, got me hooked! Instead of braving the summer heat like our family did last year, we are excited to go to one of the BEST Parties on Earth this Fall season.

But that means we have to take our daughter out of school.

How do I do this?

This past summer, knowing we are going on a trip during the school year, I bought a curriculum book (from Costco) specifically geared towards the Grade my daughter is entering. In this Curriculum, there is a Math, an English, a Social Studies and a Science section.. Almost every day, I did one lesson with her. If she started complaining, I kindly reminded her that we are going to Disney World in the Fall and then she resumed her studies.

If you are planning a last minute trip, do get a curriculum book or even go online for lessons. Do some extra work with your child on the weekends.

About a few weeks prior to your departure, type out a polite letter to the teacher. Outline what lessons you have already worked with your child and ask if there is anything the teacher would like for you to work on more, before or after your family’s  Disney World vacation. A good deal of the time, the teacher will put together a packet of work for your child to complete before the trip.

It’s NOT TOO LATE…… you can still plan your Disney World Vacation NOW for this Fall. Contact Patricia with All for Dreams Travel to help plan your Disney World Vacation. Her service is at NO EXTRA cost to you as long as you get a Disney World Vacation package. See here for more details. The time you save by using an Official Disney Travel Specialist, can be used towards extra lessons for your child. It might also save you MONEY as well.

You know your child best and you know their learning habits. Taking your child out of school is not always ideal, however for a chance to experience the Holiday Events it might be worth it. Just be respectful to your child’s teacher and have an open communication with them. Work a bit more on their studies, then have the most magical time with your family at Walt Disney World.