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by Pin Trading Diva


Have you heard of the lucky little rabbit that has been making its way around Disney lately? His name is Oswald and he has officially arrived at Disney California Adventure! Let’s find out how Oswald the Lucky Rabbit came to be and how he made his big comeback.

Back in the 1920’s, before Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: a mischievous little bunny under the property of Universal Pictures. When Walt decided to leave the project however, Oswald couldn’t come with him. Universal Pictures claimed him and Oswald was lost to the Disney family forever, or was he? Later on, Mr. Disney thought up Mickey Mouse and the rest is history! Luckily for us though, 80 years later in 2006 the Walt Disney Company bought back our lucky little guy for his major comeback.


Oswald made his first comeback appearance in the 2010 video game Epic Mickey where his real life struggle against Mickey Mouse becomes the story line for the game. Soon comic books featured Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and eventually he became a staple in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two and Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion the video games. He even made a guest appearance in the animated short Get a Horse! that was shown before the infamous Frozen.  But  being back in film just wasn’t enough for our furry little friend- Disney California Adventure started busting out Oswald merchandise like Oswald Ear Hats and Oswald Disney pins (yay for Disney pins! Oswald is my favorite!). They even created a 1920’s gas station centered around Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in the front of the park!


For years fans have been obsessed with this lucky rabbit, showing their Disney side with every new appearance of his. He showed up to greet guests on the Tokyo Disney Cruise Line just last year, and finally, on September 14th 2014, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit made his debut appearance in the Disney Parks  and I was there for the excitement. Now in Disney California Adventure, we can visit our friend hourly near his very own Gas Station next to the Chamber of Commerce!  How lucky are we!


So next time you visit DCA, make sure to take time out of your day to see our famous rabbit friend. Now that you know his history, you can really appreciate all that he is and how far he has come. For without him, we might not even have the infamous Mickey Mouse! Let’s all appreciate the way history has played out for us and the Walt Disney Company, because now we have two Disney created pieces of history to celebrate!


You can now show your appreciation through Disney’s Oswald merchandise collection. Adorn your head with Oswald’s rabbit ears, carry around your own personal Oswald plushy, collect the pretty amazing(and cute!) Oswald pins, even deck out your pockets or purses with an Oswald key chain! The collection may not be as strong as Mickey Mouse’s, but it and its fans are growing every day. This is the perfect excuse to spend a little more magical time at Disney California Adventure and gain a little piece of history along the way.


Best of Luck, 

Pin Trading Diva