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By the Clever Diva


 Do you have a daughter who is getting to the age where she is looking for something beyond a Princess character meal?  Are you meeting a friend for quiet conversation?  Do you need to steal a quiet moment for yourself, away from the parks?  The Garden View Tea is for you!


The Garden View Room is located in the back of the main Grand Floridian building, on the ground floor. And it does have a lovely view of the gardens and center courtyard of the Grand Floridian.  The room is elegant, and welcoming.  We were seated on the banquette wall.  My daughter and I sat next to each other and we had a view of the whole room.


 The menu offers a selection of tea services, depending on how much and the type of food you’d like.  Teas are also available individually, or a la carte.  For children, there is the Mrs. Potts tea with hot chocolate.  My daughter ordered the Mrs. Potts tea ($13.00), and our server suggested that she pick her tea sandwiches (choices are: tuna salad, ham and cheese and PBJ on white bread) so she’d get exactly what she wanted.  I didn’t individualize my sandwich order for the Grand Tea ($35.00).  When the sandwiches arrived, I saw that one of the sandwiches was egg salad which is not one of my favorites.  I quietly remarked this to my daughter, and the server took away the egg salad, and brought me back a sandwich of my choosing.  Very nice service, indeed!
 And my daughter brought her newly purchased Jessie (from Toy Story) doll with her.  Our server made sure that Jessie also had a comfortable seat around our tiny bistro table.



The service is beautifully served, in courses.  The tea pots were covered in rich burgundy velvet tea cozies, embroidered with Grand Floridian name in gold.  The sandwiches were of a generous size and quantity, and delicious. My Grand Tea also included a properly made scone and a jam tart. The Mrs. Potts tea included a choice of 2 pastries (yes, 2!) from the pastry tray.  Picking just 2 was difficult, because they were all so incredible.  In the end, my daughter chose the cream puff swan, filled with vanilla mousse custard, and the chocolate covered éclair.


I also had a choice of desserts with my tea.  I decided to order the signature Strawberries and Cream, just to see if it looked like the pictures I’d seen on the internet.  It wasn’t my first choice, but I was just had to see it.  I was not disappointed!  The bowl is large, and the GF insignia is stenciled on top of the whipped cream foam.  I was quite satisfied, and the strawberries were an after-thought for me.  But, when I dug my spoon in, I was delighted with the incredible flavor of the strawberries and lightness of the whipped cream.  This dish is not just a looker – it is fabulous!


We were celebrating my daughter’s birthday, and she was presented with a single long stemmed pink rose when we left.  Our server told us that these roses are from the gardens of the Grand Floridian, and are a special variety.  At the exit of the restaurant, Mrs. Potts’ image is set in marble in the floor of the mail walkway of the Grand Floridian Hotel.  Chip is also immortalized nearby.



This was our last meal, on the way to the airport to go home.  Instead of feeling exhausted from rushing to do a lot of activities the last day, we felt serene as we headed home.  I highly recommend the tea at the Garden View restaurant for a quiet sanctuary in the midst of a busy trip.
Please note – this review is the Afternoon Tea.  Not the My Disney Girl’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party.  The Afternoon Tea is from 2 to 5pm, but I believe the last reservation is 4:30.  Sometimes there is plenty of room for walk-ups, and sometimes you need to wait for your table, so please make a reservation (ADR) to avoid disappointment. The Grand Floridian lobby pianist begins at 4 pm and can be heard inside the Garden View.  Disney Dining Plans are not accepted, but the Tables in Wonderland card is. Gentlemen and boys will not feel out of place at the afternoon tea.  The atmosphere will encourage the best behavior from your child.