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By Dopey Diva

Oh no! Stitch has misplaced his holiday shopping list and you can help uncover the clues to help him track down his gifts.  If you and your family happen to be at Disney World between now and January 8th,  take the time to head over to Disney Spring’s make sure you participate in the Stitch’s Holiday Gift Hunt.  You will need to stop at one of these four locations, Once Upon a Toy, Super Hero Headquarters, the Welcome Center or the World of Disney Information Desk, to pick up your booklet which contains a map of all the locations you will be able to find Stitch and the stickers you will need to complete the scavenger hunt. Once you pick up your book your hunt can begin!

My family did not realize how the gift hunt worked, so we just happened to come across a booklet somewhere near the Coca Cola store. We figured we might as well start where we were…not a good idea! We ended up going back and forth with no particular order until I finally realized this hunt starts at one side of Disney Springs and ends at the other.  I suggest picking your booklet up from Once Upon a Toy and beginning your hunt from that side of Disney Springs. From there you can head over to Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories for your first stop.  Then follow the map IN ORDER and your hunt will go through ALL of Disney Springs with the ending store being the DisneyQuest Emporium. Otherwise you will exhaust yourself going to and from each side and will probably want to give up. Your booklet will provide a map showing each store that participates in the scavenger hunt and where they are located which is helpful so you don’t spend time going in every single store at Disney Springs. After you enter a store on the list the hunt begins! There will be a small Stitch for you to find somewhere in the store (some are harder to find than others so keep your eye out)! If you have younger children with you be prepared- some of the participating stores aren’t necessarily kid friendly and have some items that you might not  want your children touching. Once you find Stitch you will need to see which item he his holding then you will look in your book and find the sticker that matches that item and stick it to the page that shows the store you are in. Don’t try to guess what Stitch needs and put the sticker on the page before finding him, otherwise your book might not be correct.  Most of the Stitch’s are fairly easy to find, but a few are well hidden so if you need a little hint you can ask a worker in the store, especially for the one located in World of Disney because that is a BIG store! Don’t ask them WHERE Stitch is but just ask for a hint; it’s  always more fun to find it yourself!

After you have completed your hunt and all of your stickers have been applied to the correct pages you can take your completed booklet back to a redemption center which will be one of the four places you were able to pick up the book to start. Find a cast member in one of these four  locations and they will look over your book and make sure you have placed the stickers on the correct pages. If you have them all in their right spots you will then receive a reward! This activity is a lot of fun, especially for the kids (and adults) who like to do scavenger hunts. My family had a great time and hopefully they will have other scavenger hunts like this throughout the year!