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by Superhero Diva

We all know that Disneyland is so awesome, but unfortunately it can be very expensive for many of us at the same time, especially for families.  Many people probably wonder and some have asked that after you finally arrived at the Happiest Place on Earth, how do you afford to eat there when it can get so expensive so easily?
I am writing this article to show how one adult can eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and one snack on just $40 during a full day at Disneyland.

Please keep in mind that, besides including the mandatory cup of coffee for breakfast, I did not add in a price for beverages at the other meals.  This is because a cup of water is always free at the park and honestly with all the walking and sunshine, I always make myself drink only water to remind myself to stay hydrated and save a little more money at the same time.
Also my daily totals do not include tax because some places add tax while at others, the prices already include it.
I have included a mix of sit down, quick serve and counter service restaurants, to show you it is possible to have a nice sit down meal and money left over for the rest of the day…you’ll see.

#1 – One of the Cheapest:

BreakfastJolly Holiday Bakery at the end of Main Street, a Muffin for $2.99 and cup of coffee/hot tea $2.79

LunchBengal Barbecue, directly across from the entrance to Indiana Jones Ride in Adventureland, Bengal Beef Skewer $4.49 and Tiger Tails (Grilled Breadsticks) $3.69

SnackRancho Del Zocalo, in Frontierland, for bag of Cinnamon Crisps $3.49

DinnerHarbour Galley, at the edge of Critter Country, Bacon & Sour Cream Stuffed Baked Potato $6.79 (these are big potatoes)

Total for this frugal Disney day is $24.24! Whoa!

#2 Things that look great but I’ve never tried…yet:

BreakfastCarnation Cafe, in the center of Main Street, Ham and Cheese Omelet complete with breakfast potatoes and fruit $9.99, Fresh Coffee $2.99

Lunch Stage Door Cafe in Frontierland, Hand-Dipped Corn Dog comes with apple slices or fries $7.69

SnackEdelweiss Snacks, in Fantasyland hidden near Small World, Buttered Corn on the Cob $4.79

DinnerFrench Market Restaurant in New Orleans Square, Creamy Corn Chowder or Slow-roasted Louisiana Beef Stew  served in fresh baked sourdough bread bowl $9.99

This culinary adventure would cost $35.45 for the day.

#3 “I’m on vacation”:

Breakfast River Belle Terrace, in Frontierland, Cinnamon Roll French Toast $8.99, coffee $2.79

LunchPizza Port, in Tomorrowland, Mega Pepperoni Slice $7.49

SnackGibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor, on Main Street, for a Chocolate Chip Cookie Hot Fudge Sundae $6.29

Gibson Girl Sundae

Gibson Girl Sundae

DinnerPlaza Inn, at the very end of Main Street and Tomorrowland, Penne Pasta with Bolognese $13.99

To  be on vacation (and feel almost like a kid again) kind of day is a total of $39.55

#4 – Superhero Diva’s personal favorite’s:

BreakfastStarbucks in Market House on Main Street, Tall Blonde Roast Coffee $2.69, Spinach-Feta Breakfast Wrap $4.99


French Dip (minus Crispy onions) from French Market

LunchFrench Market in New Orleans Square, Market French Dip Po’ Boy Sandwich complete with fruit and chips $13.49
Snack – Maurice’s Treats, Boysen Apple Freeze $4.69 and  probably a Cheddar Garlic Bagel Twist $4.19 (yes these things are that good)

Garlic Cheddar Bagel Twist

Garlic Cheddar Bagel Twist

Boys Apple Freeze

Boys Apple Freeze

DinnerJolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, at the end of Main Street, Caprese on Focaccia Bread $9.29

My fav’s would cost $39.34 (if I went crazy and indulged in both of those snacks)

So there you are, four different kinds of options for a day of meals at Disneyland. With a little money left over each day to cover some tax or another treat, such as a coffee to enjoy while watching Fantasmic or the fireworks…