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by Disney Magic Diva

How Well Do You Know Mickey Mouse?HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICKEY!  Did you know our favorite mouse is celebrating his 92nd birthday on November 18, 2020?  It’s quite an accomplishment, and he certainly doesn’t show any signs of slowing down!  For most of us, Mickey has been part of our life for as long as we remember.  But how much do you really know about him?

Just for fun, take this true/false quiz to test your knowledge of the birthday mouse.  The answers are at the very end of the article.




  1. Mickey was created when Walt was traveling on a train from Manhattan to California.
  2. Mickey was the first cartoon to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  3. Although he goes by “Mickey Mouse” in the US, in many parts of the world, he’s known by other names. For example, in Italy, he’s called “Topolino.”
  4. Mickey was the first cartoon character to speak.
  5. Only four people have officially voiced Mickey: Walt Disney, Jimmy MacDonald, Wayne Allwine, and Bret Iwan.
  6. Mickey’s first appearance on a merchandising item was on a tablet of writing paper.
  7. Mickey has two nephews: Morty and Ferdy.
  8. Songwriters from Prince to Cole Porter have celebrated Mickey. In fact, Cole Porter’s hit “You’re the Top” includes lyrics about Mickey Mouse.
  9. Mickey Mouse saved Lionel Train Corporation and Ingersoll Watch Company from bankruptcy.
  10. Max from Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are was inspired by Mickey Mouse.
  11. Mickey first appeared in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade when he was only 6 years old, in 1934.
  12. Although Walt Disney originally created Mickey, Ub Iwerks was the person who drew Mickey Mouse.
  13. Originally Mickey Mouse was named “Mortimer,” but Walt’s wife suggested Mickey instead.
  14. Mickey’s first words, “Hot Dog!,” were spoken in the short Karnival Kid.
  15. Mickey was created to replace Oswald the Lucky Rabbit which Disney had lost to another company.
  16. The first newspaper comic strip featuring Mickey Mouse appeared in 1930.
  17. Although Mickey Mouse has always been a fixture of Disney Parks, the first ride-through attraction to be themed to Mickey didn’t open until this year.
  18. For the 2013 short “Get a Horse!” the Disney studio utilized voice clips from early Mickey Mouse cartoons voiced by Walt to create dialogue for Mickey.
  19. The public first met Mickey in Steamboat Willie, but he actually appeared in two earlier shorts, Plane Crazy and Gallopin’ Gaucho which were created before Steamboat Willie but had not yet been distributed.
  20. Mickey wears white gloves so you can easily distinguish his hands.

So how well do you know Mickey?  Did you know all the answers?  Scroll to the very bottom of the article to see. How Well Do You Know Mickey Mouse?


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ANSWERS:  Every single statement was TRUE!  Mickey really has led a magical life!