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IMG_3238By D’land Diva

As a Disneyland lover and lover of all things Disney, I love Disney trivia. I’m constantly on the lookout for new Disney parks trivia and I think I have found a list with some interesting trivia about Disneyland for you! Consider this a little peek behind the scenes of Disneyland!

1) There are a ton of edible plants in Tomorrowland. When you are on the Disneyland Railroad and pulling into the Tomorrowland train station, you will notice the signs that advertise the horticulture of the future. Tying into that theme, there are edible plants throughout Tomorrowland. My favorites? The purple and white lettuce in front of the train station and the wonderfully fragrant rosemary and thyme bushes near the entrance of Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

2) There used to be Easter Egg Hunts in the Big Thunder Ranch area. I wish they would bring it back! It was fun to look for treat filled eggs, but even better when an egg revealed an extra special surprise. I can remember one year receiving a stuffed animal and another year a character filled poster. Good times!

3) The drop in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is necessary. The ride starts at ground level and goes below ground level to ensure the Disneyland Railroad has space to travel through New Orleans Square.

4) During Christmas time, the candy store makes special candy canes. These are larger than normal candy canes and they are made right on property so they are fresh! They are usually available for on certain mornings throughout the Christmas season and the lines are long for purchasing. If you want to buy one, look up the dates for purchasing and get there first thing in the morning.

5) Julie Andrews AKA Mary Poppins has her own horse on King Arthur’s Carousal. Well, it’s actually a horse in honor of her and her work with Disney. The horse is named Jingles and you can recognize it because it is quite ornate with many bells on it. It was presented to Julie Andrews during the 50th Anniversary in Disneyland back in 2006.

6) Disney uses a unique green color to make certain items (maintenance items, etc..) blend into the background of the park. Some say the color is called “Go away green.” Other say the color is called “noseeum” green. Whatever the case, it is a mixture of colors that is unique to Disney.

7) Disneyland’s submarine fleet for the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage ride is the eighth largest in the world. IMG_3805

IMG_47888) There is a way to earn 50,000 points on the Buzz Lightyear ride with one astro blast. In the second room, look for the “Z” on Zurg’s chest. It is unlike any of the other targets in the ride and it is quite hard to hit. It is worth trying for, however!

9) Each popcorn cart has a different character attached to its popcorn turner. Look for them on your next trip inside the cart.

10) Yes, you really did just see a cat. At night there are feral cats allowed to roam in the park (we have seen them by the Hungry Bear Restaurant specifically) to keep down the rodent population. Most of the cats want nothing to do with people and stay hidden during the day, but we have seen them from time to time.

11) The windows on Main Street are unique. Not only do they carry the names of Imagineers and the people that helped make Disneyland what it is, but there are also some fun sounds coming from inside some of them. My favorite is the Painless Dentist near the lockers on Main Street.IMG_5706

12)  Sleeping Beauty’s Castle drawbridge has been raised. It has been raised twice in Disneyland history: once on opening day and a second time during the major Fantasyland renovation in the 1980’s.

13)  Disneyland’s opening day was a bit of a hot mess. Literally. The pavement was still damp in places and ladies heel’s sunk into it. Many were skeptical that Disneyland was not going to work. Many of the rides the next day were not working. We are thankful for Walt and the Imagineers who persevered!

IMG_288214) The tombstones in the Haunted Mansion are named after real people- Imagineers. And they contain some inside jokes that the rest of us are not privy to. I’d love to figure them out, though!

15) There is a test brick wall on Main Street. This wall is full of mismatched bricks that Walt used to try and figure out the right size and shape for the bricks he wanted to build with at Disneyland. The wall can be found behind a drinking fountain next to the lockers.

16) The streets throughout Disneyland are made of a combination of asphalt and rubber. It was designed to be more comfortable for walking for long periods of time.

17) Snow White’s Scary Adventures has two very cool things OUTSIDE the ride to check out. First, you MUST touch the apple before getting into the queue for the ride. Second, if you look up, you will see a window with the Evil Queen herself making an appearance now and then.

18) Oscar’s Choice has been on the menu at the Carnation Cafe on Main Street since 1967. Named after cast member Oscar, who has been a part of the Disneyland family since 1956. This tasty breakfast includes: scrambled eggs with melted cheese, potatoes, bacon or sausage, a croissant and fresh fruit. Yum!

19) The Disneyland Railroad runs on vegetable oil. The oil is recycled from the restaurants in the park and saves about 200,000 gallons of petroleum diesel each year.

20) In one of the best marriage proposals in the history of marriage proposals, D’land Diva hubby took me on a scavenger hunt over one entire day and proposed on Tom Sawyer’s Island. That makes Disneyland one of the most magical places in the world for me!