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                                                   By Florida Diva

So, you’ve been wandering through the jungle, gone on a safari in the open and hot Savannah, climbed the Himalayas and, now, are in desperate need of a refreshing experience. Well, Kali River Rapids provides just that.

Make your way down the path to the river’s edge, exploring the culture and architecture of Asia as you go. The thick jungle hangs over the riverbank as you board the 12 person, circular raft from the rotating platform. Be sure to stow anything that you don’t want to get wet in the central, covered bin and get ready to see who’s sitting in the seat of epic drenching.

As you make your way up the river (literally), the towering geyser, ahead, threatens to launch your raft into the stratosphere. Around the bend, you encounter a ravaged and abandoned land, dotted by steaming crevices, ready to erupt at any moment. Your vessel manages to dodge the numerous log jams, and then you hear it- the unmistakable sound of rushing water. Past the jutting rocks, towards the mouth of a canyon, you realize that the river drops off.

 Photo by Florida Diva 

The roar of the falls is mixed with squeals and laughter as your raft plummets down the rocky slope, spinning as it approaches the bottom. Like a wedge on the wheel of that popular game show, you wonder if yourwedge will be the one- and then, there’s a brief moment when all on board realize just who it is that will “win” this round. And, if they’ve ridden before, you can expect to hear an audible groan at this point.  Everyone braces, but none more so than the people that have the (mis)fortune of having their backs to the impact zone. In a glorious display of cascading water, these people are the lucky winners of having chosen the seat of epic drenching, and are rewarded handsomely.

As they wipe curtains of soaked hair from their faces, the raft bounces along the canyon walls at a quick pace before it slows again, just prior to entering an ancient tunnel that drips and leaks from the cracks that show its history. Emerging from its shadowy embrace, you find yourself back among the lush riverbank approaching the dock again, still smiling from the flowing adventure you’ve just had.

Really, they did love it. As did the people in the background.
Photo by FloridaDiva

Although shorter than most other attractions at about just over 4 minutes, The Kali River Rapids is another fun adventure that Disney has been sure to add their special touches to. What adds to the experience on this ride is the seating design. The circular plan allows you to view the expressions and reactions of the rest of your party as you ride. I enjoyed the looks on the faces of my boys, as they were soaked, almost more than the ride itself.

The ride is restricted to anyone under 42”, but parent swap is available for this ride. Pregnant women, anyone with back or neck problems or people that suffer from motion sickness, should not ride.

Diva Tips- You WILL get wet. Leave your camera in the covered bin unless its waterproof. You can’t ride barefoot, so change to sandals prior, if you’re concerned about wet shoes. Don’t let the fear of a good drenching prevent you from riding, throw on a rain poncho if you’re worried.