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Author: Planning Diva

Have you been to Disney multiple times and don’t even need a park map to navigate?

Are you a big fan of Walt Disney and would love to know a little more history?

Have you ever wondered about the little secrets around the Magic Kingdom?

Are you interested in seeing the Utilidors – the underground walkway for the cast members?

Then the Keys to the Kingdom Tour sounds like the event for you!

There are 3 tours a day – 8:30 am, 9:00 am and 9:30 am. They last over 5 hours – so be sure to wear your walking shoes! The tour includes lunch at Columbia Harbour House as well.

After meeting your tour guide and fellow tourists, you navigate around the Magic Kingdom, learning tidbits, tips and facts along the way. You even get to ‘FASTPASS’ through a few attractions!

There are times that you get to go backstage and learn a few of Disney’s secrets – so this tour is not appropriate for little ones, therefore having an age limit of 16 years. However, the big kids (of all ages) will truly enjoy it!

How do I know that this tour was excellent? Because after 15 minutes, I looked over at my husband and said it was worth every penny. And after we got home, I immediately downloaded books about Walt Disney onto my Kindle!