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By Dopey Diva

Let’s face it, we never know what life is going to throw at us. Sometimes we are surprised with great news and sometimes it’s bad news. So what happens when you have a magical vacation planned and are given the horrible news you have to cancel? Unfortunately I know exactly what it feels like.

Just 11 days before we were to leave for Disney World we were given bad news and realized our trip would have to be cancelled. Although it seems like the end of the world it’s really not  hard to cancel your magical vacation at Disney World. For me I had purchased base tickets from The Undercover Tourist. Luckily I had not opened them and since they were not opened I was able to mail them back and was refunded all but 5% which was not bad. We called Disney and they were very understanding and refunded us 100% of our room charge. Sadly I had to cancel my sons reservation at the Harmony Barber Shop and also had to cancel our dining reservation for Be Our Guest. (I know this sound like a horror story, doesn’t it?) I had placed an order for groceries to be delivered to our room and when I told them we had to cancel our trip they refunded my money 100%. The only nonrefundable part was the airline tickets. Even though they were not refunded I was given a credit for what I had paid which I am able to use within a years time and they did refund my rewards points I had used for this particular flight.

As horrible as it sounds to have to cancel your Disney vacation there are times  it may happen, especially when planning a trip 6 months or more in advance. Just keep in mind most of your trip will be refunded and hopefully whatever problem  may come your way you can always plan to go another time. We hope to go later this year!