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By: Disneylove Diva

Last minute planning for a trip to Walt Disney World can be a breeze if done correctly. Basically, you do the same thing you would do if you were planning a trip for months later, just in a shorter time period.  There are just some key points to remember: get organized, get the family involved, and stay calm, remember you’re going to Disney.

IMG_0860 Get Your Ears in Order: By getting your ears in order, I mean get organized. The worst possible thing to do while planning a Disney trip is to be unorganized. Keep folders, notebooks, or portfolios from previous trips close by, as this will help you recall anything you or your family needed from previous trips. I, for one, have a notebook that I use for every trip. I keep times for reservations written down, packing lists, and things for parks. This is very important. To me organization is everything. Considering that this is a last-minute trip, you really don’t have time to be unorganized. As soon as you and you have decided to go to Disney on short notice, make lists and find previous lists, I promise this really helps keep stress levels down.

My handy Notebook I use for all things Disney.

My handy Notebook I use for all things Disney.

Getting your family involved can really help you in the long run. Tell your kids to make lists of what they want to do, see, bring, and even where they want to eat. Making Dining Reservations last-minute are a little tricky. Sit your family down at the dinner table and get their input of where and when they want to eat. This will help you narrow down what is available and what’s not. When packing the night before your trip get the kids to help pack the suitcases. Let them pick out their clothes. This will help you because all you should have to do is look through their piles and pack them. This will give you more time to get any final details worked out.

Disney can help. If you aren’t the kind who like to plan things, Disney can help you plan your last-minute vacation. They can recommend resorts for you, ticket packages, and where to eat. If you are going to plan a last-minute trip for Disney, you will probably need  to decide at least 2 to 3 days before your leaving date. Trust me, it can be done.  Day 1: plan your travel, where you will stay, and where to eat. Day 2: pick your tickets (depending on how many days your trip is) and finalize everything. Day 3: pack and get ready to leave. If done in an order such as this one, you can plan your entire trip in really 2 to 3 days. As I said before, it can be done I know from experience.IMG_0861

Stay Calm: Getting stressed out over planning a Disney trip is not necessary. Planning for a Disney trip should be an enjoyable experience, not a stressful one. Ask for help from others if needed, or even search more articles on our site. I can guarantee you can find help from us one way or another. If you feel like you’re getting stressed, repeat to yourself “Stay calm, I’m going to Disney World.” This always helps me, even when I’m not stressed. Enjoy planning a last-minute trip to Walt Disney World and always have fun. Happy Planning!