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By Pink Diva

I had the opportunity to have a romantic dinner with my husband at Le Cellier.  I say romantic because it was just the two of us and wasn’t at a chain restaurant.  We snagged a late reservation one cold night in January.

IMG_8982 (480x640)

Outside of Le Cellier

Le Cellier Steakhouse is located in the Canadian Pavilion in the World Showcase.   It is known for its exquisite steaks and seafood.  I can’t speak for the seafood, but the steak was amazing.  The restaurant has a vintage wine cellar (hence, the name) theme that doesn’t disappoint.  Dark wood, flickering candlelight and low ceilings add to the appeal.  The decor was beautiful, but the tables were extremely close together.  I felt like I was having dinner with the table next to us.  They were very nice, but not everyone wants to eat that close to strangers.

IMG_8996 (640x480)


We had one of the last reservations for the night, so we did have to wait a few extra minutes for a table.  The staff gave out little passed hors de’oeuvres of cheese, meat and pickles.  I’m not a big pickle fan, but the rest was delicious.

Once we were seated we were ready to get started on the bread.  It was huge!  We knew we were both getting the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup as an appetizer and saved the pretzel roll to dip.  I opted for a Diet Coke and my husband tried out a Canadian Beer trio.  I’m not a big beer fan, but one of them was very tasty.

IMG_8985 (640x480)

Little something while we waited


After we had our fill on bread our soup was ready.  My husband enjoyed the soup, but because of the Moosehead Beer it had a little kick that I didn’t care for.  Next time I will be trying the Caesar Salad or Assortment of Artisanal Cheeses.  The soup was large enough for a meal itself, but that is not way we came to a steakhouse.

IMG_8986 (480x640)

This breadbasket is for ONE person

The main course arrived and it was mouth-watering.  We both ordered the Le Cellier Filet Mignon.  Go big or go home.  It was cooked to perfection.   I kept the mushroom risotto and it was heavenly.  The mushroom flavor was spot on-not too much, nor too little.  The truffle butter sauce melted in your mouth.  My husband doesn’t care for mushrooms and swapped his for loaded mashed potatoes-which looked amazing.


Entrees include steak, chicken, salmon, bison, and tofu.  You can add enhancements to your meal as well.  They offer loaded mashed potatoes, creamed baby spinach, smoked macaroni and cheese (which I really want to try), truffle fries, asparagus, and scallops.  You can easily make a meal of appetizers and enhancements if you wanted.

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The big bowl of cheddar soup

Le Cellier also offers a variety of Poutine.  For those of you not from Canada, Poutine is a dish made from french fries, cheese curds smothered in light brown gravy.  Signature, bacon and cheese, and French onion varieties are on the menu.

Kids are welcome, but make sure you check out the menu first.  If they are anything like my kids it will be tough to find something for them.  If your kids have more refined tastes they can choose from the Kids Mickey Check Meals of grilled chicken or smoked salmon with brown rice, green beans and a fresh fruit salad.  Other kids meals include orecchietta pasta (basically mac n’ cheese, which my picky eaters may deem edible) or a grilled sirloin.

IMG_8990 (640x480)

My dinner. It may look small, but the plate is huge. Good portion size overall.

The best way to finish your dinner is with a cheesecake or Creme Brule.  However, after the cheese soup and steak we were stuffed.  We contemplated sharing one, but figured the staff wouldn’t be too happy rolling us out of the park.

Le Cellier is a pricier restaurant.  Appetizers are from $12-15 and entrees range from $28-$52 for dinner.  Some dining option are available.  It’s two credits for the Dining and Deluxe Dining Plans and 1 credit for the Premium and Platinum Plans for 2016.  For 2017 it will be 2 credits for the Deluxe Plan only.  They do honor Tables in Wonderland if you have the membership.

IMG_8997 (640x480) (2)

Since we had one of the latest reservations the park was closed when we left.  Which was beautiful to see.  There were a few cast members here and there, but overall it was empty.  The view of the ball was breathtaking.  I highly suggest getting one of the last reservations, enjoy a fabulous meal and take your time exiting EPCOT.

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