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Halloween Edition of POP Century’s famous
 Tie-Dye Cheesecake!

Author: Canadian Diva

On our recent trip, we tried the Disney Dining Plan (DDP) for the first time. Let me tell you..IT’S A LOT OF FOOD!

On the DDP, at all Quick Service (Counter Service) meals, for lunch or dinner you get; an entrée, a drink and dessert, whether you want it or not! If they offer an Ice Cream dessert, you can have your receipt stamped and come back for it after you finish your meal.

We were usually WAY TOO FULL to eat dessert, so we would order CAKE (if offered) and put it in our insulated lunch bag along with the rest of the cold water bottles. Most of the cakes are provided in it’s own container, so it was super easy to pack away.

There are now refrigerators in EVERY room at any Disney Resort! When getting back from the parks, we would put the cake inside the fridge. Then in the morning, instead of using a Quick Service Credit for Breakfast, we would have CAKE and save the Quick Service Credit for either lunch or dinner. (if you order Quick Service for Breakfast, you do not get a dessert with your meal).

Cake is not the most healthy option for breakfast, but when you are on the Dining Plan, it’s a great way to start off in the mornings. It’s a good snack before you hit the parks and a way to save meal credits for later in the day. Depending on the Dining Plan you are on, you can have a Quick Service, or a Buffet, or Table Service lunch and dinner at one of the Disney Dining Restaurants/Eateries. They totally fill you up for hours!! I always tried my best to balance the nutritional value by getting more salads and healthier options when dining later in the day. The children’s meals also provides fruit and veggies as snacks as well, which was refreshing for all of us to munch on.

We really liked the Carrot Cake. Anytime a Quick Service Restaurant offered the Carrot Cake as dessert, we ordered it right away. It is so delicious that after our vacation, my husband and I would talk about how much we miss it.

On the DDP, you are allotted 1 Snack Credit per night of stay. Don’t waste it on water or drinks (you can order Dasani Water bottles with your Quick Service meal to go, get one of Disney’s famous Cupcakes or another of our favorites…… the Tie Dye Cheesecake. It’s really to “dye” for! (unfortunately, it’s only available at the POP Century Resort). For other snacks, always bring Ziploc bags as Memory Maker Diva stresses the importance here. They are great to hold any extra snacks/treats/desserts you can’t finish and save for later.

We had the Dining Plus Plan (1 Table Service, 1 Quick Service, 1 Snack per night stay and each a Refillable Resort Mug). Diva Tip: For my next trip, I’m going to order cake for dessert and then ask to have it in a take out container to save for breakfast the next morning. This works when dining at a Disney Restaurant (a non-buffet restaurant where an entree, drink and dessert is allowed).

When we dined at Kona Cafe one night, I ordered the Kona Kone, which is basically a very large ice cream sundae in a waffle bowl. It was delicious, but too big. I couldn’t finish it. My husband ordered the Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I kicked myself, wishing I had ordered a cake from the dessert menu to take out and bring it home for a snack or breakfast the next day! (I will have a full review of Kona Cafe in a future article).

As mentioned above, you also get a refillable mug that you can use only to refill at the resort you are staying at. They have pretty decent coffee to refill. A cup of coffee coupled with one of the Disney cakes or snacks, really makes a nice, quick breakfast in your resort room. (Diva Tip: it also saves time, especially for morning Extra Magic Hours. Instead of standing in LONG lines for breakfast at your resort’s counter service, you can have a quick meal already and get off to an early start.)

So you can have your cake and eat it too!


Special note: Many of the Disney Dining Quick Service and Table Service Restaurants offer desserts for people with special dietary needs. Just ask your server and they can tell you what they have to offer.

To learn more about the different Disney Dining Plans available, read here.