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Author: Diva Meesh

Today we are going to discuss food!! In case you didn’t know I am a total foodie!!

The hubs and I love finding new places to eat when we are at Walt Disney World and Disneyland and challenging ourselves when we go on vacation to never eat at the same place twice and find unique experiences! One of which was the Blue Bayou!

Today we are talking The Liberty Tree Tavern at The Magic Kingdom…

This is by far my favorite place to eat when we go to WDW. The food is amazing, but I must be honest I have eaten the same exact meal every time!!
The New England Pot Roast!!

Oh lord help me it is melt in your mouth good!!

But let me back up and tell you a little bit about the restaurant itself! It is located in Liberty Square and can get quite busy around lunch time and dinner time. So there may be a wait, however there is a nice air conditioned lobby/sitting area to cool off in while you wait.

Price per person is: $15-$36 {and well worth it in this Diva’s opinion!}

They accept the Disney Dining Plan.

It is definitely family friendly {with a child’s menu included}

The food is a variety from salads, to turkey burgers to that fabulous mouth watering pot roast I mentioned!!

The Liberty Tree Tavern has the Disney Spirit as all Disney Dining does, however it is basically a great place with great food and service!!

We go back here each time we are in Disney and one trip… we ate there TWICE!! Totally broke our rule, but that is how good the food is and how calm the restaurant is on those hot crazy Disney Days!!

Enjoy your Pilgrim’s Feast Patriots!!

Diva Meesh