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by Disney Magic Diva

Are you a Jedi Master searching for the perfect addition to your lightsaber collection? Have a Star Wars geek in the family and need a great gift to bring home from your Walt Disney World Resort vacation? Hop on your podracer and head over to Star Wars Galactic Outpost in Disney Springs. wide shot

Located in the West Side neighborhood, the Star Wars Galactic Outpost has a wide range of Star Wars souvenirs and gifts sure to please everyone from Padawans to Jedi. If you’re like Luke and don’t want to go to Tosche Station to pick up power converters (or whatever is on your shopping list), this is a great alternative – and much closer! If you can’t make it to Disney Springs, you can find Star Wars merchandise at two different places in Hollywood Studios. Tatooine Traders (the shop you enter as you exit Star Tours) has a good selection of t-shirts, make-your-own lightsabers, toys, and other lower cost items. They do have a limited selection of collectible kyloart. Star Wars Launch Bay has a huge selection of higher end collectibles, with a limited choice of budget friendly items. Star Wars Galactic Outpost in Disney Springs is a nice compilation of both high credit items such as unique and collectible artwork and books, as well as low credit items such as t-shirts, mugs, keychains, phone cases and toys.

booksWhile Launch Bay does have the more complete art displays, some works we found only at Galactic Outpost. Looking for a Chewbacca piece? We found a Chewbacca Empire Strikes Back portrait that almost made my son drop some big credits. The other artwork we found unique to Galactic Outpost was in the lower price range for ‘art work’. Behind the counter were Metal Sheet Posters of each of the Original Trilogy’s movie posters. Clocking in at under $150, this is about the lowest price you’ll see for Star Wars art at Disney, and would’ve come home with us if my son didn’t already have copies of those posters.womens

But what about the little things for your favorite Jawa or Ewok? Galactic Outpost had some great Star Wars baseball caps (an all vinyl Boba Fett cap would catch eyes at your youngling’s school, I’m sure) or shirtsa Star Wars charm? This was a great stop for Star Wars jewelry as well, especially the not super-expensive kind.

The Star Wars Galactic Outpost has a good selection of t-shirts for both adults and children. If you’re channeling Lando Calrissian and want something with a little more flare, there is also costume apparel for both men and women. Long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, jackets – whatever you need you will likely find it at the Star Wars Galactic Outpost. There are plenty of choices for accessories too. Need an R2-D2 purse? It’s here! How about a Chewbacca messenger bag? They’ve got that.chewie

Does your youngling want the latest Star Wars toy? You can find it at the Outpost. Sphero BB-8 and Disney Infinity (grab it while you can!) are just a couple of the high end toys you can pick up at the Outpost. If your Padawan is spending his or her own money and has a smaller budget, there are many choices of action figures available too. Large, medium or small…almost anything you can think of is available.

TIP: If you are looking for a Star Wars souvenir or gift, the Star Wars Galactic Outpost is a great place to stop. It may not have the higher end merchandise available at Launch Bay, but it is does offer quite a range of merchandise, and is considerably less crowded than Tattooine Traders. toys

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