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            By Diva999 

Disneyland is a special place for my Husband and I. It is the only vacation our family takes together every year. With our kids by our side, year after year we make our annual trip. I know some of you might be thinking,” Ditch the kids, and take a cruise for goodness sake!” We have often  pondered the exact same thing.  Never the less, we always end up at Disneyland. It’s our place. Disneyland is something that we look forward to every year. Our friends and family think we are cheesy.  To us, Disneyland is romantic, even with kids complaining in the background.  It is possible to find special places in the park , and create a little romance. Here are a few of our favorite ways to keep the love alive. 

          Fireworks Show – One of our favorite things to do is to watch the firework show at night. There is something magical about fireworks. Disneyland has the best fireworks that I have personally seen.  We love to grab a cup of piping hot cocoa and stand in the middle of main street. We all huddle together staring up at the sky. Lights flash back and forth against the  dark canvased sky. Its amazing, and for a small moment in time you feel nothing but happiness. Your kids are speechless, which never happens. Music plays in the background, and it is truly one of the best parts of our trip every time.

            The Blue Bayou – The Blue Bayou Restaurant is another amazing place that captures that loving feeling. Kids stay pretty occupied chowing down on Mickey macaroni. Its amazing how a little bit of carbs and fat calms them right down.  This allows us to enjoy a peaceful meal. The dimly lit atmosphere creates a romance all on its own. The real show stopper is that you are actually inside of the ride itself. As you dine, people float down the Bayou right next to your table. Fire flies flit around and crickets chirp. The theming of the restaurant is perfect. From the food, to the service, to the smell of the murky water, this is the place.


Sleeping Beauty’s Castle Walk Trough-  The castle in Disneyland is the center stage for every little girl, and hopeless romantic out there. It is the perfect attraction to invoke feelings of love. While walking through the castle, the story of Sleeping Beauty  is told to us by  beautifully displayed dioramas. The poor princess falls asleep after pricking her finger on a spinning wheel cursed by the evil Maleficent.  The brave and handsome prince revives her with loves true kiss. Everything is happy and love prevails. Trust me every women wants to be swept off her feet by her handsome prince, or at least saved from eternal sleep. My husband and I usually walk through this attraction holding hand and grossing out our kids. Every time we get to the end of the stair case where the story book says, “With loves true kiss”, we kiss. Sappy, and corny, yes. Time after time, year after year this is our little fairytale. Our happy ending. The kids snicker, we giggle, and all is well in the kingdom.
Disneyland at times can be loud, and very crowded. It can also be romantic, and full of special moments.  Next time you are there create a special moment for you and your loved one. Take time to stroll trough the castle , or watch the firework show. Look around and explore. Find a place that you and your loved one can take a minute to relax, and create a memory. Disneyland doesn’t always have to be lines and cranky kids. It can be about the two of you, even if it only lasts for a minute.