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by Pixie Dusted Diva

Meet Me At The Wall - The Walls of Disney

We’ve all been standing against walls at Walt Disney World and Disneyland for years and taking pictures, because your on vacation and that’s what you do.. you take lots of pictures, right?  But did you know the walls of Disney have because an official thing?! People are meeting at the walls, posting their pictures on social media and there are even social media accounts for the walls! For example, you can follow the Purple Wall on Instagram here.
Our Divas have been stopping by various locations in the parks and resorts to take these photos and even made up some of our wall photos. Let’s face it, any back drop you can stand against that gives you a nice background for your photo can pretty much be considered a “good” wall! You’ll see I’ve listed some of the “official” walls below and then some that our Divas found to be their favorites as well.

We would love for you to share some of your own wall photos with us, feel free to post them on our Facebook page in the comments.

Magic Kingdom Park

The Purple Wall
#PurpleWall – We’ve walked by the Purple Wall 1,000x as it’s our normal shortcut to get to Tomorrowland. Did you ever stop to take a picture, probably not until now! So as your walk past the Tomorrowland Terrace toward the entrance to Tomorrowland you will see the wall right on your right. Recently, the wall received a makeover, but there still is solid purple wall as well, so two for one? The purple wall has become so popular Disney even released official Purple Wall merchandise.


Tomorrowland Purple Wall

Tinker Belle Diva at the Purple Wall


Cast Member Door
Right Down The Middle of Main Street – You’ll find the Casting Agency Door where all our dreams would come true!

Casting Agency Wall Disney Magic Diva

Disney Magic Diva is determined!

Birthday Cake Wall
Take your sweet tooth to the Confectionary and stop in front of this fun striped wall, the sweetest wall in Disney!

Birthday Cake Wall Main Street MK

Mickey Ears accent any wall picture perfectly as Disney Magic Diva shows us!

Tangled Wall

We all know of the Tangled bathroom as the most beautiful bathrooms is Disney, but did you know is has this beautiful wall too?

Pixie Hollow Diva at Tangled Wall

Pixie Hollow Diva at the Tangled Wall

Small World Wall MK

Disney Magic Diva at It’s a Small World

It’s A Small World Wall
Even rides at Walt Disney World have great walls to take pictures with!


Bubble Gum Wall
#BubbleGumWall I really can’t believe I never noticed this one or the next one, as how many times have I rode Spaceship Earth? As soon as you exit turn right or left just outside of the exit of Spaceship Earth and there’s the Bubblegum!

Bubblegum Wall Pixie Dusted Diva

Pixie Dusted Diva at the Bubblegum Wall

Blueberry Wall

#BlueberryWall – As your leaving the #BubbleGumWall and take two more steps forward to find the Blueberry Wall

EPCOT Spaceship Earth

At the Blueberry Wall near the Spaceship Earth exit


Toothpaste Wall
#ToothPasteWall – After you’ve played with Nemo and Dory on the Seas With Nemo and Friends head towards the Coral Reef restaurant

Toothpaste Wall Epcot

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Moss Wall
#MossWall While soaking in the sights of Pandora – The World of Avatar head towards Satu’li Canteen where you will find the Moss Wall. However, you can also find very similar Moss Walls in the queue of Flights of Passage or other walls that make great backdrops for pictures.

Moss Wall Animal Kingdom

Sleepy Diva at the Moss Wall

Harambe Market Walls

You Are Most Beautiful
Head over to the Harambe Marketplace in Africa to find this inspiration wall near the park-side of a cast members-only doorway.

You Are Most Beautiful Wall at Animal Kingdom

Mickey Mouse Wall
(Of Course the big cheese has a Wall!)
You can find this wall just outside Harambe Market.

Harambe Market Wall Animal Kingdom

At the Mickey Harambe Market Wall at Animal Kingdom


Disney Resorts

Around the resorts you can find various backdrops that are “wall worthy”

Art of Animation

Another sweet wall has popped up here, the Cotton Candy wall!

Pop Century

Flower Power Wall

Flower Power Wall

Flower Power Wall at Pop Century

More Walls Around Walt Disney World!

Construction Walls

Construction Walls at Walt Disney World


Wall at Walt Disney World

One of Disney Magic Divas Favorite Walls at Disney!


Be Our Guest Glass Window

Be Our Guest Glass Window Wall


What wall is your favorite? Have pictures to share? Share them on Instagram with various hashtags such as #DisneyWalls  #WallsofDisney or the specific wall the picture is of!


We had lots of fun taking these pictures around Walt Disney World. Want to plan a trip to Walt Disney World? Contract Patricia from All 4 Dreams Travel to start planning your next Disney vacation!

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