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By: Minnie Diva

You’ve spent months, maybe even a year planning, you might have even used our awesome travel agent, Patricia! Your ADR’s have been booked, your room and tickets secured, Fastpasses all neatly lined up. You just have one final task, figuring out how to meet the main mice, Minnie and Mickey!

No Disney trip is complete without at least one visit to see these two, they’re the backbone of the whole place, of course! Meeting Minnie and Mickey is a pretty simple thing to do, if you play your cards right.

Animal Kingdom: This meet and greet is so special and super magical because Animal Kingdom is the only place where you can meet both Minnie and Mickey at the same time. They play off each other and are cute as can be in their safari outfits. They are located in Adventurer’s Outpost, which is in Discovery Island right before you cross the bridge to Asia. The line can get long, but if you go early in the morning you should not have a problem! This meet also is available for a Fastpass Plus selection.


Epcot: Both Minnie and Mickey are located at the same place in Epcot, but you can’t see them at the same time. Booo. They are found in the Epcot Character Spot. The Epcot Character Spot is in Future World. If you’re facing Spaceship Earth, it is to your right. This spot is cute and simple. I love that the pals in there are all in their “classic” clothes, Minnie in her red dress, Mickey in his suit. Disney Diva Tip: You can also meet Goofy in his classic silly outfit while you’re there! 3 for the price of one.


Sometimes, the line for the character spot can get a little long. Usually up to an hour in the afternoon, which is the busiest time of day. Fear not! The line is very short early in the morning, and late at night the line goes down as well. Even if you do have to wait, the queue is air conditioned and has TVs placed throughout, playing old Disney shorts. Lastly, this wait is one Fastpass Plus selection you can make at Epcot!

Hollywood Studios: I would like to start by saying that Hollywood Studios is currently undergoing construction, and these meet and greets could change at any time. Currently, both of these fine mice pop up on Streets of America throughout the day, as their old meeting places in Animation Courtyard are no longer available.


Mickey will be dressed in his sorcerer robes, and Minnie in a dazzling pink dress. You cannot book these with a Fastpass Plus, so I would get a times guide, or ask a cast member, about which specific times one can meet these two gems.

Magic Kingdom: Lastly, we have the meet and greets in Magic Kingdom. Here, Mickey and Minnie meet separately in totally different regions of the park.

Mickey can be met inside the Town Square Theater right on Main Street. He will be dressed in his magician’s outfit, but that’s not the most mysterious part of this meet. Mickey Mouse inside the Town Square Theater talks! He might even do a magic trick for you, if you ask nicely. The wait for this fluctuates, but as always I recommend getting there early to avoid a long wait, or book it as one of your Fastpass Plus selections.

Minnie Mouse, along with Daisy, can be met inside Pete’s Silly Slideshow in Fantasyland. It’s the big circus tent across from Dumbo, you can’t miss it. This meet is not Fastpass Plus, but the line is never too bad!


Minnie and Mickey are absolutely adorable and sure to bring a smile to your face. Definitely characters you cannot miss out on!