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by Disney Magic Diva

Meeting Moana at DisneylandFor many people, a highlight of a Disney trip is meeting characters. It can provide priceless photo ops, reinforce the magic, and create memories of a lifetime.  We certainly have had many treasured moments with our favorite Disney characters.  You can find articles on our site from Pixie Dusted Diva, Soarin’ Diva, Pin Trading Diva, Pink Diva, and many other Divas and Devos with great tips about meeting and interacting with characters in Disney Parks.

No matter how many times you meet a particular character, each experience is new and different. You never know quite how the interaction will go, and so there’s always a small element of surprise.  Whenever we have a chance to meet a new Disney character however, it is an extra-magical moment.  One of those moments occurred on a Disneyland trip when we met Moana!

You can find Moana exactly where you’d expect to see her – in Adventureland. Look for her just past the exit for Enchanted Tiki Room, next to Aladdin’s Oasis. Don’t let the length of the line frighten you away. When we first saw it, we were a little skeptical about whether we wanted to wait.  The line looked to be 45-60 minutes long.  But it is somewhat deceiving.  The line begins on one side of Aladdin’s Oasis, breaks to keep the entrance to Aladdin’s Oasis clear, and then continues on the other side.  We found the line to move along fairly well, and the time passed quickly.Meeting Moana at Disneyland

Diva Tip: The Tiki Juice Bar is right next to Aladdin’s Oasis. Grab a Dole Whip to enjoy while waiting in line to meet Moana!  It’s the perfect way to pass the time, and get in the island spirit!

While you’re waiting in line, (and enjoying that Dole Whip), you can also be thinking of what adventures you might want to discuss with Moana. She loves to hear about your adventures!  Did you have an adventure on Finding Nemo’s Submarine Ride?  Moana would love to hear about it!  She loves the ocean!  Or maybe you braved Hyperspace Mountain.  An adventure in space would certainly be exciting to her.  Whatever your day’s adventures have been, feel free to share them with Moana!Meeting Moana at Disneyland

When we visited, Moana had a PhotoPass photographer with her. Unfortunately, the camera broke right before it was our turn to say hello.  The photographer did a great job getting a replacement camera, and was back in a matter of minutes, but not before our turn was over. Thankfully, we had our own cameras ready so we didn’t miss our magical moment!

When we visited, Moana was greeting guests 9:00am – 5:00pm Friday through Monday, 10:30am -5:45pm Tuesday and Wednesday, and 9:30am – 4:45pm on Thursdays. We tried to find her meeting times and place on the Disneyland app, but it wasn’t listed there, so be sure to check the Times Guide when you visit.Meeting Moana at Disneyland

Moana was so fun to talk with. She naturally asked about our adventures, and was eager to tell us all about hers.  Are you ready to plan your own adventure to Disneyland?  Contact Patricia at All for Dreams Travel for your FREE quote! She will make sure your adventure is magical, so contact her today!  How far will you go?


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