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by Devo CabDisney

When going on a Disney vacation, park tickets are a no brainer. To many, staying on Disney property is a must. And who could go to Walt Disney World without purchasing souvenirs? But there are some purchases and add-ons that most people will question. Should I have the dining plan? Are the behind the scenes tours worth it? To park hop, or not to park hop? Do I want a day at a water park? There are so many options. But the Memory Maker has to be one of the biggest challenges. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Some people have no clue what it is. Most people are going to see that price tag and immediately dismiss the idea.

The goal of this article is to help you make that decision! To be completely honest and forthcoming, there’s no reverse psychology or slimy sales tricks here. I think you should get the Memory Maker. I’m going to tell you why, and you can make your decision from there.


In case you didn’t know, the Memory Maker is an optional add-on that can be included with your Disney Vacation. Think of it like a camera that you won’t have to carry around with you all day. You will have an account that is linked to your Magic Band. All of your pictures will be added to your account. All of those pictures will be available online for 45 days, and during that time period, you’ll be able to customize and download any or all of those photos. It’s important to note that the Memory Maker does not come with a CD or any hard copies of your photos. Think of it as paying for the photographer’s service and all the proofs. You’re not only paying for their services but you’re paying for their creativity. They may have ideas for photos that you would have never thought of. So there are the basics. Now let me give you some tips on how to make the most of your Memory Maker.

Tip #1 Get the Memory Maker! See, I told you I’m being completely honest here. Actually, my first tip is to purchase the Memory Maker when you book your vacation. DO NOT wait until you arrive. That is totally an option, but you will pay more for it! The way I look at it, that’s more money for souvenirs or Dole Whips!

Tip #2 Keep an eye out for the photographers. Let me tell ya, they are everywhere. You really just have to keep an eye out. They are all dressed the same, and of course the big camera should give them away. But this is probably one of the most important things to remember. Too many people complain that they didn’t get enough photos with their Memory Maker. This is all on you! Only you can make the Memory Maker worth its cost. I think that every time you see a photographer, you should stop and get your picture taken! The more times you stop, the more photos you get!


Tip #3 Be sure to ask your photographer for any characters or “Magic Shots” that he or she may have. Some photographers won’t tell you what characters they have, but most have something. They will have you pose in a certain way, they’ll take your picture, and then magically your favorite Disney characters will appear in your picture with you. Again, this is all on you. If you want the Magic Shots, you’re going to need to ask for them!

Tip #4 Get your Magic Band scanned! After your pictures have been taken, be sure to have each photographer scan your Magic Band. This is how your photos will be attached to your account.


Tip #5 The worst part of a Disney vacation is the part where you go back home. It’s hateful but it will always happen. When it does, be sure to check out your photos online. You will have 45 days to review and customize your photos. They will be broken down into parks. This means that all the photos taken in Magic Kingdom will be in one file, while all the Epcot photos will be in a different file. During this time, you’ll find frames, dates, and other options to add to your photos. Once you customize all your photos and you’re happy, you can download them to your computer so that they can be saved or printed.


Tip #6 Keep a mental note or even take notes on your cell phone of any especially memorable photos. You’ll want to know the date and approximate time of day. The reason I say this is because you may have photos missing. Don’t weird out when this happens! You have to keep in mind that hundreds of thousands of people vacation at Disney. And when you consider that you can get hundreds of photos on one Memory Maker account that is a whole lot of photos taken in one day. A few are bound to get lost. For example, I visited Magic Kingdom on my birthday, so of course I had to go meet Mickey. Mickey was kind enough to sing happy birthday to me! But when I got home, all my photos with Mickey was missing. I remembered that it was a Monday, and that we immediately went to see Mickey. So I called Disney, gave them my information and provided the approximate time and day of the missing photos. She quickly found my missing photos. I had a few more missing, but the entire process took about ten minutes. So the key is to not freak out! They will find your photos!

Another great thing about the Memory Maker is the ride photos. And the best part, you won’t have to do a thing. Magically the ride knows you are aboard because of your Magic Band. Now you’ll have photos of you screaming your head off on Space Mountain!

I hope I have convinced you to at least give the Memory Maker a try. For me, it’s a must. But you’ll never know for yourself, if you don’t give it a try.