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by Pin Trading Diva


Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Sorcerer’s Apprentice like Mickey? Fantasyland at the Disneyland Resort has got a show to enlighten you on the subject. Join Yensid the Sorcerer, and his apprentice Mickey, who attempts to paint a spot of the map, on a fun and lively adventure all over the “Magical Map”  where you meet some famous Disney friends and dance to some of your favorite Disney songs in a 30 minute spectacular show.


Before you go on this magical journey, you’ve got to get a decent seat! Make sure to get in line about 30 minutes – 1 hour before the show starts at the waiting area right across from Small World and the Toontown Train Station. It’s a standing waiting area so be prepared to stand for a while, they will let you into the theater about 15 minutes prior to the show starting. The theater is VERY big and there is a lot of open space for seating – there really is no bad seat in the house! The seats are benches under a large canopy, NOT indoors with air conditioning, but comfortable nonetheless. There are Cast Members selling drinks and cotton candy before the show and you can eat and drink during the show as well.  This is a family friendly seating area with lots of room to spread out and relax.

Finally the show is about to begin! On the stage is a large object with a curtain over the top of it. As the show begins, the curtain is raised to reveal a giant 3 screened map – yes this show has both real life elements and digital! Dancers come out singing a completely original song as they introduce Mickey the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Yensid appears on the map giving Mickey the job of painting the map as he goes and that is where our adventure begins! Mickey encounters a “spot” to be painted and the 2 travel across the map learning about different places and about each other.


First, we travel deep into the jungle where King Louie and his backup dancers come out to sing for us.  He wants to walk like us and talk like us too! Feel free to jive with the rhythm and take in the live trumpet player’s performance.  Soon after, the map takes us to a river bend in the woods where the one and only Pocahontas appears. Then water shapes into flowers over in China as Mulan comes out to sing as well. All of a sudden, lanterns take over the screen and Rapunzel and Flynn start in on a magical duet. And then before you know it ,everyone on stage is melding their voices into a single melody. A mash-up of “Just Around the Riverbend”, “Reflection”, and “I See the Light” awes the audience (and yes creates a few tears of joy).

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After all of that beauty and intense emotion it’s time to liven things up! Mickey and the “spot” take a dip “Under the Sea” where we meet Sebastian the crab. A live singer brings Sebastian to life as dancers show off pearls and even a bubble or two to the audience. Let’s just say there is a lot of lively music and fancy free times as everyone nods along to the beat of the ocean! Before the fun is over, we wash up on the shores of Hawaii where a special little blue alien friend – need I say who? – comes out to play. Yes, Stitch comes on stage and has a little dance off with the cast. The dances are very authentic and watching Stitch goof off makes for a great time filled with many laughs.

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At last Mickey and the “spot” stop chasing each other and learn to love each other as they are – painted or not. Yensid explains the secret of the map – you’ll have to watch to find out! – and Mickey becomes a Master Apprentice complete with a golden paintbrush. To celebrate we “Dig a Little Deeper” with Tiana and her dancers as they shake a leg – complete with an amazing trumpet player. Then Mickey joins in on the party as we sing the completely original song that started and now ends the show.

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So we’ve gone to some pretty amazing places, sung with a bunch of lively characters, and learned that imagination has no end when it comes to the Magical Map. This  30 minute journey brings us all together and I give it a shining star of approval. If you only get to see one show when you visit Disneyland – take the time to see Mickey and the Magical Map! It’s unique cast and integration of the digital Map makes for one unique and heartwarming time that anyone from age 1 – 100 will enjoy!