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by Character Diva

Have you ever wanted to send a friend or family member a little something special to brighten their day or even wanted to send yourself a little something to manage your Disney withdrawals? Why not try Mickey Monthly?


Yes, yes, flowers are great. I adore chocolate. But you know what I also enjoy? Everything Disney. And so do most of my friends and obviously, my fellow writers at Tips from the Disney Divas & Devos.



Now I’m sure you’re looking at the name and thinking, “Isn’t Mickey Monthly a monthly subscription?” And the answer is yes. You can get all kinds of great packages with snacks and souvenirs from the parks (and they’ve recently added a cheaper package where you receive other Disney items not found in the parks). BUT, if doing a monthly subscription isn’t your thing, or you would like to send someone a special “one time” box, you can do that too!!
Baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, get well packages, announcing your next Disney vacation, or just because… whatever your reason, Mickey Monthly can accommodate you!


Recently, two of our writers were hospitalized for various reasons. And while yes, flowers and get well cards are wonderful, I also wanted to share a little Disney magic with them. After explaining my situation and what I wanted to do, Mickey Monthly even upgraded my first writer’s package… for free!! Isn’t it great when you find people who go the extra mile to make someone’s day better? And while I realize they can’t do this every time (nor would I expect them to), it definitely solidified in my mind that they were a company I wanted to continue doing business with.


I can also happily say that there are a few writers on our team whose families are growing and soon we will be blessed with more tiny divas and devos! When I first told Mickey Monthly I wanted one as a baby gift, they asked if I knew if she was having a boy or a girl. And look at this adorable Mickey Mouse rattle they sent her baby boy? How cute is that!!! I loved it, and I didn’t even receive the package! The mom loved it too, and said she was definitely going through Disney withdrawals again, but was grateful for the gifts. Again, flowers, balloons, and cards are all great ways to say congratulations, but for roughly the same price (and in some cases, cheaper), you can get a Mickey Monthly package sent to your door, and I really appreciate how they picked something out specifically for the baby (in addition to things the rest of the family might enjoy too).


Among all these packages being sent to my colleagues, I ended up with one myself to review, which made my family very excited. The package I received was the $39.99 Snack Only Package. In our box, we received Goofy Candy Company Gummies, Mickey Mouse Shortbread Cookies, and a Chocolate-dipped Mickey Mouse Rice Krispies Bar. As soon as my kids saw the contents, they couldn’t keep their eyes off of them and kept asking if they were for them. I think it’s safe to say, my kids definitely approved of Mickey Monthly’s choices.


As far as the quality of the items, you might be a little worried since obviously it takes time for them to be bought, packed, and mailed. Don’t be. Not only did Mickey Monthly ship our orders, but they items I received were super fresh! The Mickey Mouse bar was so good… just holding it in the plastic bag, you could feel how soft and tender it was… not hard like the bars you might find in a store. And I can’t even tell you how amazing it tasted!! My daughter, oldest son and I split it and we practically inhaled it. I’m not usually a big white chocolate fan either, but the combination of the milk chocolate and white chocolate was perfect, and again…. I cannot even stress the freshness and softness of the bar itself. It definitely had the nostalgic feeling of buying a snack at the parks. I would definitely consider buying the box just for that.


We next moved onto the gummies. The gummies came in six different colors and were shape like Mickey and Minnie. Again, they were super soft, and very fresh. My whole family shared these (including my fifteen month old son), and they were great. They had that perfect candy store souvenir feel, and my whole family loved them.
The last snack we received was the Mickey Mouse shortbread cookies. That are advertised with being made with real butter. Seriously. There’s like three ingredients listed. And they come from Scotland. SCOTLAND. That’s how authentic they are. Like the other snacks we received, they were also fresh. My family had mixed reactions on those. I’m really the only one in my house who loves shortbread, so if you love shortbread, you’ll love these. If you’re not a fan, well, they taste like shortbread. The cookies are cute and have a Mickey Mouse head imprinted on each one. My kids ate them, but didn’t annihilate them as quickly as the other snacks. My older son did go back and open the second pack (there’s two packs with nine cookies each) and finish those off (I was originally saving those for the next time we saw my mom since she also loves shortbread and was hinting that a Mickey Monthly package sounded like a great Mother’s Day Gift), so they were popular with my kiddos, just not as quickly devoured as the other snacks (which is okay too, because really, how much of a sugar rush do my kids need?)


Now, before you order one (and I highly recommend it), I just want to point out a couple things to take into consideration:

1.) If you are ordering a one-time order instead of a monthly subscription, you have to be patient. Unless you contact them in advance with a due date, a birthday, an anniversary, or so on, you have to realize that it may take a couple of days to process your order and ship it. The delay isn’t a large one, but it may add a day or two to your delivery time. And if it’s something you work on ahead of time (say Mother’s Day), you shouldn’t have to worry about the delay.


2.) You may or may not have a say in what arrives in your box. Inventory constantly changes based on what is available. Of course, if there’s something you really, really want (or don’t want), you can make a request and they can try to accommodate you (such as if you have a favorite character or favorite snack), but know that generally each box varies based on availability, and they may or may not be identical.


I highly recommend using Mickey Monthly to help ease your Disney Depression, do a trip reveal, or to brighten up the day of that special friend, family member, or co-worker. They’re reasonably fast, they’re incredibly friendly, and who doesn’t love a little Disney magic in their day?

Have you used Mickey Monthly before? Tell us what great items you’ve received in the comments below!