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 By Local Diva

Lets face it – we can’t always guarantee that we will feel our best on any given day, and that goes for extra special days at Disney, as well. On our last trip I was about 10 weeks along and very ill. With two kids under 5 in tow, I made sure to do all that I could not to let it completely alter our trip.

Here are my top tips for avoiding (as much as possible) morning sickness at Disney World!

The Magical Refillable Mug

A refillable mug was always in my hands on my last trip. I never had to stand in lengthy lines for a bottle of soda to settle my stomach, and it helped me stay hydrated at ALL times.

Dining Times

Make sure to hit the food court at your resort at opening time (yes, that is EARLY) to avoid too many smells, and to grab your plain waffle before it takes 20 minutes to get through the line!

Dining Reservations

To avoid having to settle for a “fried” dinner, make dining reservations ahead of time. It helps to preview menus before you choose your restaurant. For example, we opted out of the Boma buffet and our favorite Mexican food spot on this trip and chose the restaurants with more “bland” options for me. Chef Mickeys and The Garden Grill were great choices. We also made sure to mention to the hostess at check-in (if there was a long wait) that I wasn’t feeling so hot, and most restaurants provided me with a bread roll or some crackers while we waited. Disney never runs out of magic!

Pack your Snacks!

It is rare to be caught in a theme park with no food in sight, but what do you do if you NEED a saltine, and the food lines are a mile long AND only serving turkey legs? Pull something out of your morning sickness survival backpack, of course! Bring crackers, animal crackers, bananas, or muffins with you in your bag, and you’re sure to be prepared.  This can also be VERY helpful on a bus ride. Speaking of which…

Plan your bus trips carefully!

I was just SURE that a bus we chose went straight to the Magic Kingdom…and I was WRONG. About an hour and three stops later, our tightly packed, HOT bus arrived at the park. Ask your driver before you board for a breakdown of stops so that you don’t end up stuck on a bus longer than you can handle.

Look for “Exit” signs

Be prepared ahead of time by seeking out each attraction exit as you enter.

First Aid Station

First aid stations are not just for emergencies, they are also there to help with dehydration, heat exhaustion, and sunburn. Keep them in mind, mamas!

Don’t get trapped

This is the tip to keep in mind! DO NOT GET TRAPPED! There are plenty of shorter attractions, shows, and  walk-through attractions to keep your crew entertained, but for goodness sake, you do NOT want to be stuck on “It’s a Small World”, “Kilimanjaro Safaris”, or “The Studio Back Lot Tour” when you’re not feeling your best.

Cool off

Nothing magnifies morning sickness like HEAT and EXHAUSTION. Take advantage of indoor attractions and shows (we watched the Country Bear Jamboree quite a few times). We also modified our schedule to include and afternoon heat hotel room escape, and did as much as we could early in the day and mostly in the evening times.

Seek out the small pleasures
No matter how prepared you are, morning sickness is still unpredictable, and so we took this trip slow. We let our kids try pin trading, slowed down to meet the characters, and soaked in their poolside smiles. Taking it nice and slow worked wonders for me, and helped keep my nausea down, as opposed to running through the park to beat the crowds.
I hope this helps you ladies out there, and remember – it is still possible to find a silver lining through your nausea – especially at Disney World!