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The Morocco Pavillion at World Showcase, Epcot

Author: Diva Viva

Out of the 11 Countries represented in the World Showcase in Epcot, Morocco may be the most exotic AND authentic. It is the only pavilion that actually had help from the nation to build it. King  Hassan II actually sent Moroccan Architects to design and create the many mosaics. Due to Islamic beliefs you will notice that NONE of the mosaics contain representations of people. The government also sponsors the pavilion. Pretty exciting! 

The pavilion is decorated with traditional Moroccan architecture, including mosaic tiles, a fountain, and intricate arch ways.  There is a large “Bazaar” style shopping area where you can find some really beautiful jewelry. 

 As you move further into the plaza and bazaar area, you feel like you are walking through a maze of alleyways similar to those Aladdin travels in the movie Aladdin. Jasmine, Genie, and Aladdin all spend time at the Morocco Character Meet and Greet (check the Times Guide for the specific schedule on the day you are there).    

The bazaar is also full of interesting shopping opportunities.  Here you will find authentic souvenirs from Morocco including belly dancing costumes and hand bells, rugs and carpets, jewelry, incense and perfumes, pottery, art sculptures, lamps (Genie-style, and those for a desk or floor), furniture, and fez hats.  These are all very unique to Disney and most things can only be found at the Moroccan pavilion stores. 
Food choices include sit-down full service meals at the Marrakesh Restaurant ($15 – $35 a person, lunch and dinner, dinning plan accepted, reservations recommended but not always necessary) and the quick service Tangierine Café (under $15 a person, breakfast, lunch and dinner, dinning plan accepted).  Both locations offer authentic Moroccan cuisine including lamb, couscous, tabbouleh  olives, specialty salads, and Moroccan pastries.  Both offer Imported Moroccan Beer and Moroccan Wine.  The Marrakesh Restaurant also includes a performance by belly dancers who entertain you as you dine.  The menu at Marrakesh is much more extensive than the selection at Tangierine Café, but both will give you a taste of exotic foods that aren’t readily available in most of the United States.  This is a great place to try something new and different, but neither is a good choice for those who are not adventurous with their food or picky eaters. 


 On the World Showcase Lagoon side of the pavilion, there is a Henna Art station.  Here you can pay to have an artist give you a Henna Tattoo (a temporary tattoo often found on Moroccan women), using dye from crushed leaves of the henna plant.  The tattoos can last days and can be very intricate and beautiful.  
Near the Henna Art station is also where you will find the Moroccan music performance stage where Mo’Rockin plays rock and roll with Arabian rhythms and a belly dancer.  I like to get a meal at the Tangierine Café and eat it on the outside tables overlooking the lagoon and the Mo’Rockin show. 
Morocco is a pavilion where you will find unique and interesting souvenirs, entertainment, and food.  Every visit is a mini-adventure.

~ Diva Viva