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by Disney Magic Diva

Music Garden Melodies at Epcot: A Playground Meets a Shady Lounge ChairDriving back to our Walt Disney World Resort room, the bus driver reminded me of a very old Disney joke. You may have heard it.  “What does EPCOT stand for?” he asked.  “Every Person Comes Out Tired.”  There are other versions, too, but this is the one that was pertinent to how we felt at the end of a very long day. (In case you didn’t know, the abbreviation really stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.) Anyone who has spent an entire day at Epcot knows there can be plenty of walking, especially if you enjoy all there is to do around the World Showcase. It would almost be impossible to spend the day there, and NOT come out tired! But there is hope!  If you take your time, you will find there are plenty of breathtaking places to stop, sit, and appreciate all the beauty to be found.  (The gardens tucked away in the United Kingdom, the miniature trains in Germany, or the waterfalls in Canada are just a few of the places which come to mind.) One place in particular you will enjoy during the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, especially if you are traveling with young children, is Music Garden Melodies.  (Be sure to check out Passholder Diva’s review of the 2017 Flower and Garden Festival!) Music Garden Melodies at Epcot: A Playground Meets a Shady Lounge Chair

Located on the right side of the pathway leading from Future World to World Showcase, Music Garden Melodies is a perfect spot to stop and relax, while letting the kids blow off some energy. It is a beautiful combination of flowers, musical activities, and playground equipment.  There are drums to bang, ropes to climb, xylophones (some quite gigantic!) to play, slides to enjoy, and jungle gyms to conquer. It’s a child’s paradise.  I know my grandkids would happily spend at least an hour playing with all the entertaining activities available at Music Garden Melodies.  But here’s the best part – there’s a shaded tent with padded lounge chairs for parents to relax! Just take a look at this!Music Garden Melodies at Epcot: A Playground Meets a Shady Lounge Chair

Don’t those chairs look inviting? I’d be tempted to rope-drop Epcot just to head to those chairs! The cast member supervising the area said these lounge chairs are for all guests to enjoy.  No fee. They are just waiting for you on a first come, first serve basis. Music Garden Melodies at Epcot: A Playground Meets a Shady Lounge Chair

Diva Tip: Refreshment Port is just a few steps around the corner. They sell the scrumptious Croissant Doughnut and adult beverages!  That shaded lounge chair, a drink, and a cronut seem like a match made in heaven!

If you aren’t able to snag one of these prime shaded chairs, don’t just give up and pass Music Garden Melodies. There are several other benches in the vicinity, and a few canopies to help shield you from the Florida sun. And if you don’t have a child with you, don’t assume you can’t enjoy this fun spot! Go on in and rest.  It may not be the quietest spot to relax in Epcot, but it will surely be fun watching the young kids play and listening to the music they create. Music Garden Melodies at Epcot: A Playground Meets a Shady Lounge Chair

So if you have some time before your next FastPass, or want to let the kids wear themselves out so they will nap in the stroller while you roam around World Showcase, or if you’re worried you’ll succumb to the “Every Person Comes Out Tired” syndrome our bus driver alluded to, stop by Music Garden Melodies during the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. If you’re lucky enough to find some Disney Magic, you may even get one of those awesome lounge chairs!

Haven’t made plans yet to check out the Flower and Garden Festival? It’s not too late! The festival runs until May 29th. Contact Patricia at All for Dreams Travel to book your trip today!  Her services are FREE (and that’s even better than a shaded lounge chair at a playground!)

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