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By: Disneylove Diva

IMG_0307Just a few weeks ago was my one year anniversary of becoming an Annual Passholder at Walt Disney World. This past year I visited Disney over 7 times. After becoming an Annual Passholder, I realized how much it was worth the money. From the benefits to the frequent trips, it is all worth it. I absolutely recommend becoming an Annual Passholder if you have the opportunity. I love being able to go as often as possible and not having to fork out $200 for one trip. After going about your third time, the annual pass pays for itself. I will be going over the benefits and perks of being an Annual Passholder and why I love being one.

IMG_0339First up is all of the benefits you receive for becoming an Annual Passholder. Most of the time we stay in Disney resorts and can receive 30% off select resorts. That is a great deal considering how much some resorts can cost. We use the discounts every time we stay in a Disney resort. You can also get a percentage off of merchandise and food at certain locations. I love being able to receive discounts. If you are a major saver like myself, you look for bargains anywhere and everywhere. So discounts are a big plus for me. On top of discounts, you can also get free parking at all of the parks. If you aren’t staying on Disney property, odds are you’re driving to and from the parks everyday. Parking is $17 and that adds up very fast. Being an Annual Passholder means that I can get free parking. This saves so much money because we don’t always stay on Disney property and sometimes have to drive. For a complete list of benefits you can check out Disney’s website. Click Here for more details.

IMG_0386Now for the fun part on why I love being an Annual Passholder at Walt Disney World. There are countless reasons as to why I love being an Annual Passholder. Number one is not having to pay for tickets every time that we go to Disney. You can pay for your membership in installments, and after going two or three times the ticket practically pays for itself. Another great reason has to do with the Magic Bands and Fastpass+. When Disney was still trying out and testing Magic Bands and Fastpass+, Annual Passholders were some of the first people to try out the new system. It was great to be able to experience the “all new system” for the first time. I love how Disney treats their Annual Passholders. We get emails all the time about reminders, upcoming events, and so much more. Everyone is treated special at Disney, but to me it seems like Passholders receive a little extra magic when they go.

I hope this sheds some light on why being an Annual Passholder is so rewarding and fun for everyone. Remember anyone can become an Annual Passholder. My first year as a Passholder was awesome and I can’t wait to see what my second year brings. Who knows, I may beat my personal record of how many times I go this year. As always remember to have fun and Disney on! See y’all next time!