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187by Soarin’ Diva If you’re anything like my family, you don’t live close enough to WDW to visit very often. As a matter of fact, we only get to go once a year. That’s one tiny week that flies by when the other 51 weeks seem to drag on to eternity. Hence, the long distance relationship. Long distance relationships seem to have a negative effect of making feelings wane and slowly fade away.  Many great couples have taken the drastic measurement of splitting up due to the long distance relationship.  The reputation of a long distance relationship leaves a LOT to be desired, so what’s the key to making it work? 025As in most relationships, the key to making it work is communication.  In this case, my form of communication is to do a lot of cyber stalking via the Walt Disney World Website.  This way, I can keep up on all the latest news, and more importantly, the special offers they have going on.  The website is also a great way to look at restaurant menus when our family is trying to decide where we will eat next time we go.  If you use the dining plan, it’s also a great way to check out which restaurants are on the dining plan and which aren’t, making it easier to plan. 024I confess, I also tend to check the My Disney Experience app on a daily basis.  I like to look and see how long the wait times are for various rides at different parks.  I check to see if they have any upcoming dining reservations that look better than the ones I have already made (I did so well making rezzie’s this year, I just can’t seem to find any better times.)  I use it to see how long I have to customize my Magic Band before it ships.  Well…okay, maybe I check it more than once a day. Another form of cyber stalking that I use is none other than Facebook.  There are so many Disney groups on Facebook, it can be overwhelming.  I am a member of many of those groups, but I confess, Tips From The Disney Diva is my favorite!  Keep in mind, most of these groups are not official Walt Disney World groups, but they are still fun and can be a great place to hear about Disney rumors that haven’t been officially announced yet.  Usually, if a free dining offer or room only discount is coming up soon, you will hear about it on a Disney fan group long before it is officially announced.  Note, though, that I said “rumor.”  We all know that not all rumors are true, so take everything you read on these sites with a grain of salt. There are other avenues if you aren’t into stalking as much as I am.

UG-WDW2016Each year, we buy an updated copy of “The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.”  These books are absolutely full of any and all information you could need for your upcoming trip.  You can get a copy of the 2016 guide here.  The books contain everything from details about restaurants, to every Disney park in Orlando (water parks as well), WDW resorts and even non-Disney parks. As with any long distance relationship, it can take a little effort on your part to keep the magic alive.  There are so many websites and blogs, apps and books that are Disney related, and again, let me stress that Tips From the Disney Diva is still my favorite, you have unlimited resources right at your fingertips for making this relationship work for you.  I’ve given you my top tips for making MY long distance relationship with Walt Disney World work, how do YOU make it work?

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