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By Dopey Diva


OK…who loves ‘Ohana? I know my family and I do! In fact on our recent trip to Disney World we had originally decided NOT to eat at ‘Ohana because we wanted to give some other restaurants a try.  My teenage son was not happy with this decision so as our trip time got closer I checked continuously for a dinner reservation opening and as luck would have it I found one about 30 days before our trip…he was SO happy! (TIP: We highly recommend making dining reservations at 180 days out) I have to tell you this was probably my very favorite dining experience I have ever had at Disney World.


We had spent the day in Epcot and I made sure to eat an early and light lunch because I know how much food you get at ‘Ohana. We took the monorail over to the Polynesian Resort and anxiously waited to be seated. I had hoped for a window seat but wasn’t fortunate enough to get one….but we were not too far from a window and had an amazing view of Cinderella castle. Our “cousin” came to the table to get our drink orders and I also asked if my incredibly picky son would be able to have an order of  macaroni and cheese because there is nothing at ‘Ohana he will eat. She was more than happy to accommodate our request.


If you have been to ‘Ohana you know how it works…first you get the delicious pineapple bread, then the salad (which is new and is a lettuce wrap) then the appetizers which consists of chicken wings, pot stickers, and noodles and veggies. Then comes the meat on the stick…ALL YOU CAN EAT grilled steak, pork, and shrimp. The men at the table love this, me..not so much. When our “cousin” brought out the meat I politely declined. I think she was in shock but I told her I love the dessert and  I always eat too much food to be able to enjoy the dessert. I was perfectly happy with the bread and the appetizers. So when she returned to the table with more meat she knew not to stop by my plate. While we were eating we realized it was time for  Wishes, the nighttime fireworks show, at the Magic Kingdom. I was excited to be seated across from the castle knowing we would at least be able to see the fireworks. To my great surprise the restaurant not only dims the lights during the firework show, but also plays the Wishes story and songs through their speakers. It was amazing to be able to sit at the table and watch and listen to Wishes while we ate!!


As if that wasn’t enough, it was then time for dessert.  In my opinion the best dessert in Disney World is ‘Ohana’s banana bread pudding. Now my boys don’t like it, so our “cousin” brought them cupcakes and ice cream but the adults love the bread pudding. I was completely shocked when my wonderful “cousin” not only brought out bread pudding for my husband and brother-in-law but she brought me my very own banana bread pudding!!


Yes…all of that just for me! Before you even ask, no I did not finish it all, but I did eat more of it than my husband and brother-in-law combined ate of theirs. It was delicious!! I always loved ‘Ohana and always recommend it to anyone who asks what meal they HAVE to try at Disney World but after that experience it has become the best place ever for me to eat at Disney World.