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By Pixie Hollow Diva

Photo Courtesy of Passholder Diva

It is usually inevitable.  Someone gets hurt, gets sick or injuries themselves at some point even while on vacation.  When traveling with children, no matter what age, I feel your chances are always higher.  I usually have Band-Aids and medications packed, even when entering a park for the “just in case” situations.  Sometimes things come up or you forget, and it is great that Disney World offers first aid stations in their parks.  I have been traveling with my small children for the past six years every year or twice.  I had been lucky enough to never have had to step foot in a station.  This past month, we had to visit one in Epcot.

Disney First Aid

Photo Courtesy of Passholder Diva

My 2 ½ year old daughter decided to stick a pea in her nose at dinner!  It was a stressful day that day and I said to my husband, if we had to visit an ER I might lose my mind!  He suggested we check out the first aid station first.  This saved me a trip to the ER and saved me mental anguish.  The place is set up almost like your typical urgent care facility.  It smells like antiseptic which I love, just knowing its so sanitary.  There is a sign in book and they take you right in as long as they are not busy of course.  The do have licensed nurses staffed in the centers.  This is great because at least you are seeing a real medical staffed individual.

Like a standard medical facility, they asked us why we were here and what was wrong.  I informed them of the whole pea in the nose issue and they said no problem come right in.  We were lead into an examining room where the nurse told me to lay my daughter on the table.  Of course being 2 years old and in a doctors office, she is flipping out!  So the nurse handed me the tweezers to try and pull this pea out.  Since her nose is so tiny, the tweezers were not helping to grab the pea in order to pull it out.  She said let’s try this, sit her up and hold her “good” nostril closed and blow in her mouth.  This worked wonderfully and pain free and the pea flew right out!  I was extremely happy with the professional, yet personal attention and comfort we received.  I knew she would be fine, but i was so upset and on edge because you are on vacation and the last thing you want to do is visit a hospital if not totally needed.  I am so grateful and happy that Disney World offers such great small medical facilities like these located trough out all four theme parks!

Disney First Aid

Photo Courtesy of Passholder Diva

They also can provide you with other quick medical assistance as well as over the counter medications.  Each theme park has a station.

Magic Kingdom-Behind Crystal Palace

Hollywood Studios-Off Hollywood Blvd.

Animal Kingdom-Discovery Island

Epcot-Next to Mexico

Having to visit an urgent care center or even an emergency room on vacation can really stress you out!  Obviously is it is a true and bad emergency it is important to visit a hospital.  For many minor injuries and illnesses, try to stop by the first aid stations first.

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