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11336-LA-trad-cinderella-daydress-1146x1539By D’land Diva

It’s that time of year again! You know, the one where you are scrambling to find a Halloween costume for your Disney loving kids or even your Disney loving self. Maybe your Disney Daughter or Son has some idea of what they want to dress up as this year, or maybe not.

Maybe you need a little help deciding!

Here at Tips from the Disney Diva, we love Mom Approved Costumes! Mom Approved Costumes have a huge variety of dress up clothes, Disney themed costumes and accessories. It is a great place to shop for Halloween. Best of all? The prices are super reasonable and the clothing is very durable. In fact, our Character Diva will explain in an article coming out soon that you can wash the clothing repeatedly and it still looks like new. Costumes are glitter free and non-itchy as well, which is very important for our little ones who are going to be wearing their costumes a lot this season. Our Divas LOVE Mom Approved Costumes.

But even if you are set for costumes, Mom Approved Costumes has a ton of costumes and accessories for every occasion. If you have a little Diva like I do, you know there is never such a thing as too many dress up clothes and Mom Approved Costumes has all the Disney favorites.

This week we are giving away one very special Disney themed costume- a Cinderella Day dress. This adorable costume comes in a variety of sizes and Christy over at Mom Approved Costumes is going to let YOU THE WINNER CHOOSE THE SIZE!

The giveaway will run today through Friday at midnight and there are a variety of ways to enter. To enter, go here (Please note that at this time we are having trouble with our app on iphones and ipads. You will need to enter on your computer. Sorry for the glitch!)

Also be sure to check out Mom Approved Costumes online !


*Disclosure: The Cinderella Day Dress was given to Tips from the Disney Diva for this giveaway*