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By British Diva

Has all the Christmas glitter been vacuumed up for another year……. are you beginning to feel the drudgery of the winter months ahead?

NOW is the ideal time to think Florida sun and start designing your perfect Walt Disney World break.

Leaving a gloomy Bristol Airport…..

Ask any Disney Diva and they’ll soon tell you that there’s more than a 101 ways in which you can plan your trip.

Here I have  my top 10 – including the good, the no-no & my all time favourite- the free!

1) Ask the advice of your Disney loving friends.  There’s nothing better than a magical chat over some afternoon tea and crumpets.

2) Seek the advice of a specialized travel agent. They’ve already earned their ears & could save you some serious time and money.

3) Let your fingers do the walking.  Continue to do just what your doing right now – use your preferred online device to read Disney Diva’s many wondrous planning Tips.

4) Did you know that you can ask the Disney Diva a direct question?!

5) Like more online planning?  Then you’ll love this selection of resources for successful trips –
The Adult Side of Disney,  Trip Advisor,  Disney,  & for the UK traveller – Disneybrit

6) Pose a question to a member of Disney’s Moms Panel.  The UK representative this year is Emma, who I know will be delighted to add her extra sprinkle of magic to your holiday if she can.

7) Possibly make some new travel companions along the way by joining a friendly online forum Group where you can ask anything Disney related and be sure of a good supply of advice.

8) Purchase a guide book.  The list of Disney planning books are endless…….. my recommendations are both Birnbaum’s & Birnbaum’s for kids which also has a handy character autograph section in the back; making it a great keepsake too!

I really like this Brit’s Guide to WDW & Orlando too.

To try before you buy; you could borrow all these books and more from your local library for free!

9) And my absolute No-No is whatever you do – beware of walking into your ordinary high street travel agent on a whim to book your magical stay; speaking from personal experience here – you will not achieve the vacation that you’ve always dreamt of and it could possibly cost your pocket dearly.

10) My best advice is to heed my catch phrase “do your homework” and do plenty of it.

Wishing you both a Happy New Year & Happy Disney Planning!