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by Disney Magic Diva

Night Time is the Right Time to Visit The Edison at Disney SpringsIf you’re looking for a great date night, want to enjoy some unique cocktails, are looking for some live nighttime entertainment, or just love to check out one of the hottest new places in Disney Springs – The Edison is the place for you!  Since its Grand Opening on New Year’s Eve, The Edison has received lots of attention for both its daytime and nighttime offerings.  We visited late on a Saturday night, so while I can’t offer any personal insight on the daytime atmosphere, I can tell you the nighttime vibe here is incredible!

The Edison is located in The Landing at Disney Springs and is open for lunch and dinner as well as late night entertainment. The backstory of The Edison is that it once housed the power plant which provided electricity to Disney Springs.  When you enter, you immediately notice the gears, wheels, clocks, gadgets – all the accoutrements of an inventor.  The “industrial gothic-style” atmosphere blends perfectly with the cozy corners and secluded spaces you can find to relax.  A fun touch was the silent movies running on multiple screens along every wall. You really just felt like you had stepped back in time!  I’d love to return during the daytime to see the restaurant in a more “family-friendly” environment, because I’m sure it would be just as much fun.

Diva Tip: The Edison, like most signature restaurants, has a suggested dress code. They welcome families before 10:00 p.m., but after 10:00 it is restricted to those over 21 years of age.  If you are planning on visiting with children, it may be a good idea to go at lunch or early evening.  As the night goes on, the atmosphere changes to more of a nightclub.  Live entertainment begins after 10:00 p.m. too.

Night Time is the Right Time to Visit The Edison at Disney Springs

Looking down at the dance floor

As I noted, we arrived after 10:00 p.m. on a Saturday night. While we had expected a $10 cover charge (supposedly imposed on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays after 10:00 p.m.), they were not collecting it as we entered.  Since our visit, I’ve read different sources which said they have discontinued the cover charge, or that it may only be imposed seasonally, although as of the time of this writing the cover charge is still listed on the website.  If you’re visiting during a peak season, you may want to call ahead or have cash with you in case the cover charge applies.

We entered and wandered around a bit, not quite sure where we should sit. We started by going downstairs to the ground floor, but didn’t see any available tables so headed back upstairs.  This turned out to be a good choice, because we were able to find a spot which overlooked the dance floor.

Our server seemed a little confused when we said we only wanted to order drinks (we had just finished a scrumptious dinner at The Boathouse), but she was happy to send over the cocktail waitress. We all loved the menu — titled ”Catalog of Parts”– both because it so cleverly fit with the theming of the restaurant and it was so extensive!

Night Time is the Right Time to Visit The Edison at Disney Springs                          Night Time is the Right Time to Visit The Edison at Disney Springs

Night Time is the Right Time to Visit The Edison at Disney Springs

The Edison

We tried a couple of their signature cocktails – The Edison (Woodford Reserve bourbon, pear brandy, lemon, and honey) and the Electric Mule (Reyka vodka, lemon, strawberry & lemongrass cordial, and ginger beer). Both were wonderful and exactly what we expected from their description.

Mostly, though, we were there to just take in the atmosphere. We were able to enjoy the live music and vocalist, who did short sets which were well received by the guests making good use of the dance floor. Night Time is the Right Time to Visit The Edison at Disney Springs There were some seriously talented people, dressed in their dapper best and showing off their swing dance moves.  I think we could have watched them all night! Intermixed with the live music were shows by aerialists (they were introduced as “sky ballerinas”) who performed unbelievably graceful and jaw-dropping routines suspended above the dance floor.  We were also entertained by burlesque-style dancers who were happy to interact with the audience as they made their way down the grand staircase onto the dance floor.  Such a delightful variety of entertainment made it truly a cabaret!

We will definitely be making return trips to The Edison! We only had time for a quick stop, and feel like there is so much more to discover here. We all agreed it would be a fabulous spot for a group (bachelor/ bachelorette party?) of friends looking for late night fun.  And the daytime promises to offer a completely different experience, so I’m anxious to visit then too!Night Time is the Right Time to Visit The Edison at Disney Springs

Are you ready to schedule your visit to The Edison? Patricia at All for Dreams Travel can help make all the arrangements!  Just don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes!

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