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by Fairy Diva

Whether you are looking for a tasty way to start your Disney day, or are just in need of a yummy snack while exploring the Magic Kingdom, Gaston’s Tavern may be just the spot you are looking for! Nestled within Fantasyland between Be Our Guest and Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid, Gaston’s Tavern is a quaint, perfectly themed restaurant offering a variety of satisfying snacks that are sure to please.

Gaston's Tavern

Approaching Gaston’s Tavern, you are greeted with a large fountain featuring none other than Gaston himself! A great view of Beast’s castle rests just to the left of the restaurant. The inside of the tavern is reminiscent of the scene from Beauty and the Beast. Gaston definitely used antlers in all of his decorating! They are hanging on the walls throughout. The restaurant has seating on either side of the ordering lines, but cannot accommodate a large number of people. Additional tables, with umbrellas, are available outside of Gaston’s Tavern. The real gem of Gaston’s Tavern is the delicious menu offerings.

Gaston's Tavern

Gaston's Tavern

Gaston's Tavern

My favorite item offered is Lefou’s Brew. Lefou’s Brew is a frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow flavoring. This non-alcoholic beverage is topped with a passion fruit-mango foam. The combination may sound strange, but it is so tasty! My children love it as well. Lefou’s Brew is available in a souvenir goblet or stein themed to Beauty and the Beast for $9.99, or you can save a few dollars and purchase without the souvenir cup for $4.49. This beverage is so refreshing to enjoy on a hot day while strolling through Fantasyland.

Lefou's Brew

Another popular item on the menu at Gaston’s Tavern is the Warm Cinnamon Roll. These are large in size and can easily be shared as a quick breakfast (or snack) offering in Magic Kingdom. They are absolutely delicious!

cinnamon roll- Gaston's Tavern

In addition to Lefou’s Brew and Cinnamon Rolls, the well-recognized Disney snack, the Roasted Pork Shank, was removed and replaced with Tavern Beef Stew.  Other non-sweet treats include Mixed Vegetable Cups with Dip and Hummus and Chips. Additional offerings at Gaston’s Tavern include Chocolate Croissants, Mixed Fruit Cups, and Sliced Apples with Caramel Sauce. Beverages include water, juice, hot chocolate, fountain drinks, milk and coffee. Many of the items at Gaston’s Tavern count as a snack credit if using the Disney Dining Plan. However, all of the snacks and beverages offered at the restaurant are under $10 if you are paying out of pocket.

The meet and greet area for Gaston is located just outside of Gaston’s Tavern. If you have not had the chance to meet  Gaston, be sure to on your next visit. He is arrogant, incredibly confident in his physique and definitely entertaining! Diva Tip: Due to his popularity, lines can get long quickly, so check the Times Guide and try to line up a bit early.  Soarin’ Diva lists Gaston as one of her favorite Disney characters to interact with in this article.

Be sure to stop by Gaston’s Tavern next time you visit the Magic Kingdom. You will not be disappointed!