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By D’land Diva

Oh, if there is any park at Walt Disney World that I could spend one day in, it would be the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom is in fact the most magical of all the parks, in my opinion. There is much to do, much to see and honestly, not enough time to do everything!

The Magic Kingdom is laid out in a circular fashion, radiating out from Main Street, U.S.A. Upon entrance, to the left is Adventureland. Going clockwise, next is Frontierland, then Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Somewhere in the middle, closest to the Adventureland side is Liberty Square.

The one day itinerary I am suggesting here is based on the average group, on an average day. If you have small children or elderly folks in your group you may wish to add more breaks or alter the rides on the itinerary. Likewise, if you are not comfortable with the fast rides, you may wish to skip over those rides and move on to another ride. The Fantasyland expansion has not been completed as of this post, but I will update it when necessary!

This is one busy day, so let’s get to it!

One Day Itinerary for Magic Kingdom

1. Make Advanced Dining Reservations if you are interested in eating at any of the table service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom. Some of my favorites include: Lunch at Cinderella’s Castle, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant and breakfast/brunch at the Crystal Palace. If you are looking for a wonderful, unique dining experience, I recommend Cinderella’s Castle. If you are looking for a fun character meal, I recommend breakfast at Crystal Palace. For the purposes of this itinerary and in the interest of having more time to experience the rides and attractions, I have put quick service meal places on this list.

2. If you can and are willing to get the park early, do so. It is not crucial to get there early, but if you can, great! Get a map and get acquainted with the park. Upon park opening head to the left. For some reason, folks seem to be trained to go the right. Go left and get there faster!

3. Head for Tomorrowland first. Ride Space Mountain and then ride Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

 4. Walk over to Fantasyland. Get a Fastpass for either the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh or Peter Pan’s Flight. Ride the other one. Watch Mickey’s PhilharMagic. Go on It’s a Small World. Eat lunch at Pinnochio’s Village Haus. Grab a seat by the window facing It’s a Small World. This is a fun way to relax and eat lunch.

5. Visit some happy haunts at the Haunted Mansion. Enjoy the walk in Liberty Square on your way to Frontierland. Get a fastpass for Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain. Ride the other one. Visit the Country Bear Jamboree and enjoy the break indoors. Ride Pirates of the Caribbean and take a Jungle Cruise. 

6. Head on over back to Main Street and watch the afternoon parade with an ice cream from the Ice Cream Parlour.

7. Walk over to Tomorrowland and experience Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. Go straight over to Stitch’s Great Escape and then enjoy Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. Eat Dinner at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. Ride the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (and if you are in the D’land Diva family and miss the Peoplemover at Disneyland, ride it once or twice more!).

8. Pick your favorite ride or two to ride again. Enjoy the shops. Hang out in your favorite part of the park while waiting for the Wishes firework show. Some favorite places for viewing: by the castle on Main Street, by Crystal Palace on Main Street, Liberty Square and for a unique experience- by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Frontierland.

9. Go back to your hotel and rest because this was one happy and full day!