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Coming up September 3rd – 7th is the 10th Anniversary for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend. Not only is it the 10th anniversary of the race, but it’s the 60th anniversary of Disneyland itself, so it’s definitely going to be a big celebration. For my family, packing starts Sunday night because we have to leave very early Thursday morning, and with work, there’s not time during the week to pack. First thing I always shop for (and most importantly) would be race costumes! Listed below are mine:

5k outfit


10k outfit

unnamed-8Half Marathon outfit


Notice the two headbands in the (Ariel) Half Marathon outfit? Sparkle bands are my MUST BUY at the Fitness Expo during packet pickup. I will be picking up a few more colors this time as well. I just need blue and red to make my Jessie outfit complete! I fold up my race outfit along with socks and underwear and pack them in a gallon size ziplock. I do this because it’s super easy to pull out and stick on the counter so there’s not fumbling around at 4am trying to find a pair of socks for race day. I put this on, pin on my bib, get my breakfast and head out the door. I’m ready in about 15-20 minutes!

Next thing I’m sure to always pack are snacks for my husband, daughter and I. I always bring things I will need at the 4am wake up call for races (not pictured – bananas) as well as snacks while walking around the parks so we don’t spend all of our money on food. Must haves – pretzels (you need salt after a big race), protein bars, and dried fruit (I’m packing coconut) for fast, quick energy.


Last but not least, when it comes to packing food, I need to bring along my race fuel. Disney is fantastic when it comes to supplying you with water and Powerade so I don’t even bring my hydration belt. Below is one packet of elecrtolytes which I use before the half marathon. My favorite brand is Skratch. It tastes the best and has a few more calories than other brands to keep me energized. I normally would bring a couple of extra energy gels but around mile 9 of half marathon day, Clif supplies a lot of energy gel.



Here are some extras I’m bringing:

Oofos flip flops – these are WONDERFUL for arch support after the races. They look a little silly, but I always bring them to walk around in.

Compression socks – to avoid soreness, especially in the calves, you need these to help your legs recover. I use them after any race longer than a 10k.

2 pairs of running shoes – might seem crazy, but if something happens to one pair (on the crazy chance it might rain) and you’re running back to back days, it’s best to have a back up.

Stainless steel water jug – I bring this because I hate buying plastic bottle after plastic bottle. With race day approaching you need to be drinking a lot more water than normal. Having this with me is a constant reminder to fill up at every chance I get.

To all of my fellow runners out there, good luck next weekend! I can’t wait to recap all of you on how wonderful the anniversary race went! Here’s to speedy miles and brand new RunDisney bling!