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by JollyFrogger Diva

Port Orleans French Quarter- My Home Away From Home

In the 23 years I have been visiting Walt Disney World, my family has stayed at a variety of resorts. I have been fortunate to stay at most of the deluxe resorts and all but one of the moderate and value resorts. While I have had a great experience everywhere I’ve stayed, some have stood out more than others. When someone asks which resort I recommend, the one that comes to mind first is Port Orleans French Quarter.

The moderate resorts are probably my favorite category because they work the best for my family. I like the amenities like queen sized beds that aren’t offered by the value resorts, but I don’t normally spend enough time in the room or at the resort to feel justified paying to stay in a deluxe. Hands down, my favorite resort in the moderate category is Port Orleans French Quarter. In fact, the only negative thing I can say about French Quarter is that isn’t usually included in the free dining promotions.

My favorite thing about French Quarter is the theming. I love the southern charm feeling, from the iron work on the rails to the Spanish moss in the trees.


French Quarter iron work

The rooms are also decorated to reflect the theme well with scroll work accents, Mardi Gras colors, and artwork depicting well known places in New Orleans.

French Quarter room

My second favorite thing about French Quarter would definitely be the staff. Disney is known for it’s customer service, but the staff at French Quarter made us feel like we were home. Mr. Arneil, the door greeter, was one of our favorites. He always had a smile and a warm greeting for us. My daughter absolutely fell in love with him and started referring to him as her “best friend”. Whenever we could come through the lobby, he would give her some plastic doubloons to toss into the fountain and make a wish with (she kept most of them as souvenirs). He was such a sweet man and took the time to chat with us on several occasions. He even asked us to let him know when got home safe at the end of our trip.


We also had a wonderful experience with the Recreation Cast Members. It all started when we were hanging around the pool one afternoon and it was time for the Disney Junior Pool Party. At first my daughter was hesitant to join in, but the Recreating Cast Members were so welcoming and engaging that soon she was having a blast playing with them. My daughter took a special liking to one Cast Member in particular. Lauren took the time to ask my daughter her name and asked a little about her. The next time we were at the pool, several days later, Lauren saw us and came over to speak to my daughter again and invite her to the marshmallow roast that evening. We stopped by the marshmallow roast before hopping on a boat to Disney Springs, and while we were there my daughter mentioned that she was a little scared to ride a boat. Lauren got on her knees to be at my daughter’s level to reassure her, telling her about how much fun she’d have. A few evenings later, when we joined them for another marshmallow roast on the last night of our trip, Lauren asked about our trip to Disney Springs several nights earlier. She also invited us to movie night at the resort, but sadly we had dinner plans and could not stay. Lauren took a replica clapboard, like you’d see at the start of a movie shoot, out of her backpack and said that she usually gave it out as a prize during movie night and wanted my daughter to have it. She filled it out with my daughter’s name, favorite movie, the current date, and our resort. What really touched my heart was when Lauren wrote a really sweet note on the back to my daughter telling her how much she’d enjoyed her visit and their being friends. It’s a wonderful keepsake my daughter is excited to hang in her room and something I’m sure she’ll treasure for years to come.

Disney Jr Pool Party

The pool and splash pad at French Quarter are also worth noting. Doubloon Lagoon has a cool water slide that kids of all ages can enjoy. Additionally, while all resorts have a pool, most of them do not have a splash pad. French Quarter added theirs shortly before my visit, and we were excited to check it out. There seemed to be a lot of cool features for kids on the splash pad, but my daughter was a bit intimidated by the giant bucket of water that would tip out every so often, so she wouldn’t actually play at the splash pad this trip. Hopefully on future trips, she’ll really enjoy this area, as it looked like a really neat place to play.

French Quarter aquatic play area


At the end of our trip, we were really sad to leave French Quarter. We had made several new friends and the place really felt like home to us. While there may be trips where we choose to check out another resort, I know the majority of our stays will bring us back to French Quarter. It takes more than a place to sleep to make a resort feel like home, and French Quarter has it all for us.

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