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Nothing says “girly girl” quite the way that a totally princess-ed out girl can! And nothing at Walt Disney World quite princess-es out your girly girl like Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

There are two locations for the BBB at Walt Disney World. The first is at the World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney and the other is INSIDE Cinderella’s Castle. Yup you read that correctly, INSIDE the castle.There is also a BBB in Disneyland.

There are three packages of princess-fication for you to pick from for your girl.

1) The Coach Package = $49.95 (plus tax) – Includes hairstyle (little crown is free) and makeup AND sash.

2) The Crown Package = $54.95 (plus tax) – Includes hairstyle (little crown too) makeup, sash AND nails. (you get to keep the nail-polish).

3) The Castle Package = $189.95 (plus tax) – Includes hairstyle (little crown too) makeup, sash, AND nails. (you get to keep the nail-polish), the “imaging package (1-6”x8”, and 4-4”x6” photographs), princess-themed photo holder, and a “complete costume” of your choice with accessories (gown, big crown/hair, shoes).

Ok so I’m not going to lie to you. I think you should ALWAYS bring your own princess costumes to WDW or Disneyland. You can find them really inexpensively on ebay, yards ales, consignment shops/sales, LOTS of places. They cost a FORTUNE in the parks. Usually WELL over $50.00 per gown. The difference between the other two packages is only $5.00 and consider the fact that you get to keep the nail polish and it extends your time there its worth it. So the Diva package choice… the CROWN Package and BRING YOUR OWN COSTUME WITH YOU!!!

Make your reservation AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU’RE GOING by calling 407-WDW-STYLE. or 714-781-STYLE for Disneyland.

Ok, so how is time spent?

imageWell you check in first and a fairy godmother in training takes you back to a dressing room to change clothes if you brought or bought your own costume. Then they return you to the waiting area.image

After some time waiting you are taken to meet YOUR fairy godmother in training will come and get your princess comfortable in her temporary thrown and introduce herself to you. Then she lets you/her make some choices about crowns and finger nail polish choices (pale pink or light blue).

One of the things I have NOT liked in the past about this is how tight they pull back the little girls hair. Seriously, it looks like they are giving them an eye lift they pull it back so severely. I personally makes think this makes even the most adorable little girls look disproportionate, SO I imagemade a point to ask the fairy godmother to PLEASE not pull it back so tightly. You may or may not want to mention this, but I warn you they will slick that hair back and pull it TIGHT if you don’t mention it to them.

The fairy godmother in training talks to your little princess the WHOLE TIME and stays very much “in character” so its fun the whole time. Gotta get that hair up into a ponytail first off. I really suggest you brush as many of those tangles out of your little ones hair as you can to make this process much less painful. image

Some magic “goo” is now liberally applied to the hair making it alllllll stay back and flat and “moldable”.

The magic goo is so strong it can make your princesses “unicorn horn” stand straight into the air and the tiara is inserted. haha


The unicorn horn is then rolled into a tight princess-like bun and secured with 6.5 million bobby pins.

On to the nails. We chose blue. She ended up giving us BOTH the pink and the blue. Nice!


As our nails dry (in about 30 seconds) the “sparkle” is applied to the cheeks and the hair must be officially “pixie dusted” (The Fairy Godmother does have to practice after all).


She will also sparkle any of YOU in her party who would like to be sprinkled.


And finally completed. BEAUTIFUL!!!


Beware of extreme needs for Posing and photo-taking after being styled.


Now, they offer a “Knight Package” for boys over 3 years old for $14.95 (plus tax) with a style and a mighty sword but I’m thinking why go prince when you could go PIRATE at Pirates League and rock their little world.

You can read all about Pirates League (only at WDW) on the site. We LOVED it and will ABSOLUTELY be back!!

BBB is a blast, so is Pirates League. I highly recommend them both to add even MORE fun to your next vacation.