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IMG_3074By D’land Diva

Situated on the edge of Fronteirland, just across from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is a lovely plantation themed restaurant called River Belle Terrace. There are plenty of outdoor seats here with umbrella tables and the scenery cannot be beat- you will have a perfect view of the Rivers of America and the canoes, Mark Twain Riverboat and the Sailing Ship Columbia as they go past.

Set up like a cafeteria, where you order your food and then slide your tray on over to the register to pay, River Belle Terrace is a step up from most quick service meals at the Disneyland Resort. What really sets this restaurant apart from the other dining establishments in the park is the food itself and the condiments!IMG_3069

The menu boasts sandwiches and salads, entrees and desserts. The sandwiches include a tasty turkey, a moist roast beef and a messy but oh so delicious pulled pork. There is also a harvest salad, which contains a good mix of fruit and vegetables. My favorite is the turkey sandwich, which comes with an herb aioli, but I leave that off. Why? Because there is a FABULOUS cranberry sauce available in the condiment area that will push this sandwich over the tasty edge. The cranberry sauce is a delicious mix of sweet, tart and spicy- yes, there is a kick of spice in there! The turkey sandwich comes on ciabatta roll and comes with plenty of moist, well seasoned turkey, lettuce and tomato. On the side is a pasta salad, which I am not totally over the moon about (it’s kind of gummy), but if you ask for a side of roasted potatoes they can easily switch out the pasta. The potatoes are well seasoned, and in my opinion, a better option than the pasta salad.IMG_3068

D’land Diva hubby likes to order the roast beef sandwich. It has a great flavor. All of the sandwiches come with the pasta salad, but I recommend switching it out for the potatoes. This is especially true with the pulled pork sandwich, which comes topped with coleslaw. The coleslaw is salad enough on the plate and I think the pasta would kind of make for some weird flavors with that. All the sandwich and salad plates are around $12 each.

The entrees are large platters of a main dish, roasted potatoes, seasoned vegetables and a flaky biscuit. The options are a turkey dinner, a slow roasted beef, the catch of the day (fish, which is often salmon) and bean cakes. It is a great thing to see a vegetarian entree option! The bean cakes are served with pineapple relish, cucumber salad and a red pepper sauce. Tasty! Entrees will run you about $13 each.

Now, let’s get to the important part of the meal- the  dessert! For around $5, you can get an individual mini pie. The choices are key lime, red velvet, mint grasshopper and a cheesecake. The pies are in a refrigerated case right next to the register. The refrigerated case also holds some salad or fruit sides, lemonade and other drinks, such as juice and water bottles. IMG_7709

After you pay for your meal, the condiment section is basically in front of you. The options here a lot nicer than the usual quick service meals- there’s the cranberry relish I spoke of earlier, a pickled vegetable salad (also extremely tasty), salad options such as dressings and croutons, and there are warm sauteed mushrooms (perfect for the roast beef!). There, of course, is also the usual mustard, ketchup, salt and pepper. It is also here that you will find silverware, napkins and straws.

The kids menu is actually quite large for this restaurant. There is a turkey sandwich (with cute fish shaped bread which D’land Diva baby loved), pasta, roasted meat sandwich and an uncrustables peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Kids meals run about $7 each and come with apples, carrots and celery (get some ranch dip at the condiment station), and milk or water. Juice and chocolate milk is also available.

While I mentioned the outside seating, know that there is also indoor seating. The indoor seating is perfect for rainy, or more common in Southern California, scorching hot days where there is plenty of air conditioning. IMG_3070

River Belle Terrace is open for breakfast (check out the Mickey Pancakes!), lunch and dinner and comes highly recommended from the D’land Diva family.