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Author: Mini- diva

Disney World’s Rock ‘n Roller Coaster ride will turn your stomach upside down in the best way possible!

Take precaution if you think this ride is like Space mountain, because it is not! Yes, it is dark like Space Mountain, but way more EXTREME!
The roller coaster features corkscrews, loops, and it’s FAST! No, not just sort of fast, but fast, as in this ride goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds! No exaggeration needed.
The “story” is that you are rushing all the way across town in attempt to make it to Aerosmith’s concert in time!
Rock n’ Roller Coaster gets a 4/5 on Scream Factor from ratings on Yahoo answers, but a 5 from the rest of the Diva team! It’s definitely something thrill-ride junkies will adore.
There is a height requirement of 4 feet or taller so make sure you and your party “measures up” before you get in line or you’ll find yourself frustrated when they turn you away!
There is a motion sickness problem on this ride because you are passing objects pretty fast, and of course going up, down and around quickly. So if you get sick easily, I advise you to not go on Rock n’ Roller Coaster.
Overall, this ride is OVER THE TOP! It’s personally one of my favorites as a teen, and my father’s absolute favorite.