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IMG_0885By Darlin’ Diva

To make choosing just the right roller coaster experience for every visitor to Walt Disney World, I’ve divided the coasters into three categories based on age-appropriateness. The number (1-5) at the end of each ride’s description indicates the coaster’s thrill-level with 5 being the most intense. (Fast Passes are available for all the rides listed.)

Curtain Climber (Beginners at least 35” tall):

  • Barnstormer in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasy Land is the coaster for little riders who have just gotten tall enough (and brave enough) to enter into the world of thrill rides. Perfect for tiny tikes, Goofy’s coaster lasts only a minute (literally) – in case anyone just doesn’t absolutely love their first roller coaster ride, it’s over in a snap. (1)

Cool Cat (Thrill ride fans over 40”and 44” inches tall):

  • 40”-tall thrill seekers in Magic Kingdom will be ready to head on over to Frontier Land to give the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad a try. Step back in time to the Gold Rush Era! One of our family’s favorite rides IMG_1263EVER, this action-packed, fun-filled runaway-mine-train-ride through the barren Western landscape lasts a whole four minutes! There is so much to see on this ride, it’s one to do again and again. (3)


  • Astronauts at least 44” tall will love Tomorrow Land’s Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom). The thrill of this indoor coaster is its setting – outer space! The darkness hides all the dips, drops, and turns that lie ahead on a 2.5 minute spaceship ride among the stars. (2)


  • Explorers at least 44” tall will adore Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest! Everything about this tea train journey through the Himalayan Mountains is fantastically detailed. One of the best queues for any ride IMG_3541anywhere, Yeti hunters beware! (4)

Coaster Crazy (Bravest souls of all over 48” tall):

  • Primeval Whirl in DinoLand U.S.A. (Animal Kingdom) is a small coaster with a big height requirement. Journey back in time on this carnival-type ride suited for fans of The Mad Tea Party in Magic Kingdom. The type of coaster – wild mouse – means that while the coaster rolls over its drops, dips and curves, the cars spin (in a pre-programmed start and stop pattern). Two tracks run side by side with 13 cars on each; each car holds four riders for a 2.5 minute ride. (3)


  • Rock’n’ Roller Coaster, located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, is one serious thrill ride. This ride’s 2-minute introduction takes you into the recording studio with Aerosmith before loading you into your super-stretch limo and whisking you off for a 3-minute ride to the concert. Music fans brave enough for this one should expect a Rock’n’ good time! Some of Aerosmith’s greatest hits are blasting over the “limo’s” speakers as the ride takes off (speed goes from 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds) onto the “freeway” – speeding towards the concert in the dark. Two upside down turns on the track’s spiraling course along with some extreme dips and curves and lots of neon-lit signs later, you’ll be glad you had the nerve to give this one a go! NOT for anyone prone to motion sickness. (5)

I hope these tips help big (and small) thrill seekeers have the best Disney vacation ever. Until next time….Darlin’ Diva