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By: Disneylove Diva

IMG_0265Welcome y’all to Port Orleans Riverside Resort, home of the famous Royal Guest Rooms!!! These rooms whisk you away into a princess fairytale. Each princess has dedicated something to these rooms see if you can find everything. I loved these rooms from the little details to the LED headboards. We were in the handicap accessible room so it looks just a tad bit different from the others but not much difference.

As soon as I walked into the room I absolutely fell in love with this room. I have an eye for detail and my eyes were going all over the room. The first thing I noticed was the carpet from Aladdin on the floor. That was Princess Jasmine’s contribution to the room IMG_0272as well as the bathroom faucet which is the magic lamp. Then I immediately saw the note from Princess Tiana herself on the table. She welcomes everyone to the royal rooms with a hearty “Welcome Y’all”! After researching the room I knew that the headboards could light up. So of course I had to try it out. I absolutely loved the headboards. It tied the whole room together. Every night before I would go to sleep I would turn on the headboard and watch my very own fireworks show. This always reminded me of what the parks do to end the day so I figured I would do it myself.

With the handicap room we had instead of a big vanity and a separate bathroom we IMG_0268had the vanity in the bathroom and a big wardrobe for our clothes. When I made my way into the bathroom I saw the magic lamp from Aladdin and the shower curtain. The special thing about the shower curtain was it was covered in thingamabobs (Of course donated by Ariel). In the regular rooms you can find a little cushioned stool for your luggage, and it is the footstool from Beauty and the Beast. Just when I thought I had seen all of the little details, I caught myself looking at the trim work at the top of the walls. I got off the bed to get a better look and noticed it was something special. It had the mice from Cinderella, the three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty, the genie from IMG_0271Aladdin, and Chip from Beauty and the Beast. I thought Disney had out done themselves with this very rarely seen detail in the royal guest rooms.

I feel as though the royal guest rooms are definitely worth the extra money at Port Orleans Riverside. I would highly recommend these rooms to everyone! The only con I had with this room was where it was. We had a pretty far walk to the bus stop every day but I believe it was still worth it. This is by far the best resort room I have ever stayed in at Disney and will definitely stay there again. I hope that this has inspired you to look into the royal guest rooms and make you and your entire family feel like royalty. As always remember to have fun and Disney on!!