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Cruise tips, Pixie Hollow Diva

By: Pixie Hollow Diva

Have you taken a Disney Cruise?  Are you thinking of taking a Disney Cruise?  Have you already taken a Disney cruise and are wondering about new tips?  I am here to help you with some great Disney Cruise tips that i learned along the way!

Three Night Cruise Enough

My family is a Disney family through and through!  It took us many years to finally try out a Disney Cruise!  This was the best decision we have ever mad when it comes to a great vacation!  We frequently travel to Disney World at least once a year, sometimes more.  We finally said let’s try the cruise, and boy were we totally blown away!  I spoke to several friends who had given me many tips along the way for the cruise.  These tips i was told  were very helpful!  I also learned many of my own while on the cruise this past April.  We traveled on the Disney Dream Ship, but many of these tips can be used towards any ship.

Cruise tips, Pixie Hollow Diva

My favorite tip my friend told me was to order room service every morning!  Even if you plan to go to the buffet or restaurants in the mornings, order room service anyway, it is FREE, so why not! I like to have my coffee first thing in the morning.  I would order the night before and hang the card on the stateroom door.  When they turn your beds down at night, your maid will leave you one.  I would check off coffee for me and my husband, juice for my young girls and mixed pastries.  This was nice because the kids had some things to snack on while we all got dressed and ready.  It is also very nice and relaxing to have a fresh cup of coffee out on your balcony if you happen to have a verandah room.   If you do not have a verandah, no problem, enjoy your coffee anyway! Pixie Hollow Diva, Cruise Tips

To control your lights and air inside your stateroom you need a “card”.  When you walk into your room, there is a slot on the wall next to the air and lights control.  I know some people keep their room key in the slot so that they can control the lights and air while they are inside.  However, if you use your room key, you need to take your room key with you when leaving your room.  If there is no key left in that slot, your air will shut off.  When you return hours later your room may be stuffy and warm.  I hate when its warm in the room so in order to keep the air set, What I had done was I left a random card in there.  I used a store membership card that I had in my wallet at the time, it happened to be a Ulta card.  Any credit card type will work but this was the easiest for me!

If you happen to be celebrating a special occasion while on your cruise, tell someone!  If you do not add it to your itinerary at booking, no problem.  While at dinner mention it to your waiter.  Most of the time they will ask if you happen to be celebrating anything.  In case they do not, mention it anyway!  It is always a fun experience to receive a little special love on the cruise!  It was my daughters 7th birthday this past April.  We happened to be on the cruise a week before her birthday.  Our waiter did ask us if we were celebrating anything and we mentioned her birthday.  They came over and sang to her and provided her with a special birthday treat!  This made her day and she was so excited to have a little attention on her!  We happened to be at Animators Palate that night which was our first dinner on the cruise.  The special dessert consisted of a slice of cake along with an edible “Happy Birthday” chocolate!  Who doesn’t like a good piece of chocolate cake?

Cruise tips, Pixie Hollow Diva

On a cruise, ports are always fun!  That is a great part about cruising, you can check out different places conveniently planned for you.  My family is not one of excursions.  It just is not really our thing right now.  Maybe when my children are older, but right now we just like to enjoy the ship as much as possible.  If you are interested in booking an excursion, Passholder Diva has some tips here. We did a 4-day cruise on the Dream this past April.  Our itinerary was one stop at Nassau Bahamas and one at Castaway (Disney’s private island).  We felt there was really no point in getting off the ship for the Nassau day at port. Cruise tips, Pixie Hollow Diva

By choosing to stay on the ship, the ship was drastically empty.  Many people do get off and plan things for the day, so this made the pool and other activities less crowded.  Since the ship was less busy, we were able to have my daughter’s hair braided with out a wait, along with less crowded pools.

cruise tips, Pixie Hollow Diva

Now, on the Castaway Cay day, everyone gets off the ship!  The island is exclusive for only those on the cruise ship.  The island is so spread out that no one is on top of one another.  We chose a spot on the family beach and hung out there for a few hours.  We then ate lunch at Cookies BBQ which is all included in your cruise price so you’re not paying extra while on the island.  After lunch we walked around a little bit and joined a character conga dance party!  At this time,

Pixie Hollow Diva, Cruise Tips







it was midafternoon and there were still several hours left for people to stay on the island.  We decided to head back to the ship.  The ship was practically empty!  This was totally worth leaving the island slightly earlier than others because we had the pool to ourselves!  This was an amazing feeling, laying on a chair while my kids swam, and my and my husband sitting back taking the views all in!  I recommend tying this out at least once at a port of your choice!Cruise Tips, Pixie Hollow Diva

On the last day of your cruise thy give you and option to have a nice sit-down breakfast before you exit the ship.  The restaurant that you can eat at will be the restaurant that you had dinner in the night prior.  Many people choose to exit the ship as early as possible and skip the breakfast. The breakfast is included, and you do not have to pay for it!  Our breakfast was at the Royal Palace.


You have your choice of entree along with pastries for the table, coffee, juice and teas. It is nice to end your cruise with a nice sit-down breakfast!





If you would like help on booking a Disney Cruise, All For Dreams Travel can help!  Contact today for your FREE quote!  Happy Planning.