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Author: Disney Diva

When my husband and I decided to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village we needed a place to eat on our first night in. We weren’t planning on going into the park, since we knew we would be tired from flying, and luckily we had never tried Sanaa before and approached it as quite the adventure.

Now, I’m a picky eater. I wont even pretend for a second that I’m not, and I’ve turned my nose up at many a strange sounding dish, but I was famished and excited to try out Sanaa so all bets were off!

When we arrived we found beautiful artistic decor similar to a canopy. I almost felt like I was inside a treehouse or rainforest or something. It’s very “artsy fartsy” which I happen to love, so I drank up every strange detail and kidney shaped table with glee.

When we were seated I took a look at the menu and I’m pretty sure I made a face. Mostly because they all “sound” weird, BUT once I looked at what they really were I had no problem making my order. We didn’t try any alcohol that night, I can’t remember why! So I just had a water. 

The water, of course, came with the environmentally safe paper straw, which is the same variety as what you find at the Animal Kingdom park.

Now we started with the Naan bread and I would highly recommend that if you don’t eat another thing when you come here TRY THE NAAN! It’s the most delicious stuff… ummm.. I’m drooling on my keyboard just thinking about it now. The three types we tried were: traditional, garlic ginger, and spiced naan. I preferred the traditional, but they were all delicious. 

You get to choose your dipping sauces. Since we had no idea what any of them were we asked the waitress to choose a good variety for us.

She came back with Mango Salsa, which was so unbelievably good you could spread it on just about anything and it would be amazing. The next was a cucumber dip – it tasted mild and a little bit greek and the third was a Jalapeno which was HOT, but tasty.

I loved the Nann so much we came back to the bar the next day and ordered another round of IT! So good!

While we were waiting for our food a little giraffe came up to the window to say hello. This is one of the COOLEST parts of eating here, but I want you to think about this for a second… if you have a DINNER reservation… its, um, DARK and you can’t see the animals. So I would say opt for a reservation where you’ve got some daylight.

I ordered the beef ribs. They were so tender they completely fall apart in your mouth. It was one of the best things I ate the whole time I was at Walt Disney World. I also had Dunbar chicken with spices. They came with batsani rice

Hubby had the beef short ribs also, but he went for the Dunbar shrimp with the 5 grain rice. He liked the shrimp, but not nearly as much as we both loved the short ribs.

To be honest there’s NOT a lot of food that they give you. So in my opinion the Naan bread and a salad are MANDATORY to enjoy this entire experience and feel full. However, if you’re looking for a lighter meal then just going with the meal should be fine.

We passed the bar area when we left and it looked so cozy, so we came back another evening and had a great time with our super bartender, which you can read about in my review of the resort HERE.

I HIGHLY recommend Sanna! I will be making the journey out during a mid-day break at Animal Kingdom Park some time soon. Don’t leave it out if you can get over there!