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by Pin Trading Diva

Cars Land tends to get festive for the holiday season. With “trucker” Christmas carols playing, garland made of tires, and a giant car made of snow – Carburetor County pulls out all the stops! And with all these decorations, it is essential to have a Christmas tree – or 8! Each resident on Route 66 has its very own tree – unique to their personality. Here’s a little photo tour of the different Christmas trees in Cars Land for your enjoyment.

First we head over to Filmore’s fruit stands for our first glimpse of a tree.  Amongst the groovy lights we find a metal tree adorned with some familiar fun loving symbols. That’s right! Peace signs are carved into the green metal in Filmore’s tree! They even dangle and spin around in the wind – such a far out touch, man! And don’t forget the car angel at the top of the tree too.









The sounds of the jamboree bring us over to Mater’s junkyard where we will find a Tire – riffic tree! Covered in snow and ignited by a spark plug Mater light’s up a staggering pile of tires from the Junkyard making it fit for the festivities.











The spirit of America is honored all throughout Sarge’s Hut this holiday. Fitting in nicely with the color scheme of the hut,  Sarge’s Christmas tree is decked out in a bold red, white, and blue! Atop this salute of a tree is a star studded hood.  But don’t forget to look inside his hut for some special trees as well. Sitting on top of a shelf is an intricate pile of military grade sand bags in the shape of a tree with a star at the top. Nicely done Sarge!











Orange is the color of the next tree we find as we make our way up to the Cozy Cone Motel. Can you guess what inspires this tree? You guessed it, Sally has CONE-structed this towering tree of traffic cones for the holidays where there are even cone ornaments  – all lit up with a car battery. The top of the tree holds the star of the show though: a star made up of cones that is!











As we travel down Route 66, signs direct us to Lizzie’s Curios Shop. That’s because she’s crafted herself a tree covered in Route 66 signs! This tree matches the decor of her shop nicely I would say and sums up the look of a Route 66 traveler getting his kicks.











The smell of Flo’s home cooking brings us across the street to find a tree made of motor oil cans – it’s quite a gas guzzler! Be sure to head inside to find a record breaking tree of, well, records! As the lights change upon this silver tree, the ornaments and garland change with it. It goes from pink, to blue, to green depending on the music. So you can watch this tree while you wait in line for your dinner.

056 057










Lighting up the roof tops you will find a few trees put up there by none other than Ramone. They certainly look cool from afar, but be sure to notice the wrench crafted snowflake / star at the top of the trees – they are quite unique!









A towering pile of tires greets us at Luigi’s Italian style tree. Red, white, and green lights wrap themselves around the tires culminating a brilliant star at the top. If you get lost on the street – just look for Luigi’s tire tree as a landmark!












The end of the road leads us to the Founder (complete with Santa Hat). Here we will find a traditional Christmas tree, well a traditional Car of a tree. Fitted with hub caps from the bottom to the top this final tree brings all us Cars together for the holidays. It is here that we gather for one last carol for the night – as we take in all the sights and lights of the day. The time has come to say goodnight to the Founder of this Cars Land and appreciate the season.


These are the trees of Cars Land. They are all special and different from each other and that’s what makes them so magical. Which is your favorite? Mine is Filmore’s peace tree!


Season’s Speedings!