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Disney Cruise Senses Spa

By: Pixie Hollow Diva/
Photo Courtesy: Military Diva

Who does not enjoy it a little bit of relaxation? I feel it’s even more important to try and find some relaxation time while on a busy vacation. What other great way to relax than booking a massage while on a Disney cruise. I personally love massages. I try to go frequently while at home and for me that is my total best way to relax. We had decided to do our first Disney cruise last April on the Disney Dream. As a surprise for my birthday, my husband decided to book a Swedish massage for me at the Senses spa on the Disney Dream. This was a dream come true!  Senses is located on the entire Disney Cruise Line fleet but i was able to experience it on the Dream.

Once your Disney cruise vacation is paid for in full you can then do all your on board booking. Luckily at this point our cruise was paid for which was a few months before we were set to leave. This worked out with getting a nice early time because I am up early, and I also didn’t want to miss out on any cruise or port activities which my husband knew. He booked my massage for 830 in the morning which worked out perfect.

The Senses spa is located on the Disney Dream on Deck 9.   It is located at the end of the deck towards the front of the ship in an adults only section. In this area you have an adults only pool along with an adults only coffee shop called Cove Café. This section of the ship is nice because it is extremely quiet being that is adults only. Sometimes you do just need a short little break, so it’s nice that they have an entire area dedicated to only adults.  This way if you want to just grab a cup of coffee and hang out, you can do that also.

Senses offers so many typical spa options.  They offer many types of massages, skin treatments and hair and nail services.  You can find a full list here of all of their services.

Senses on Cruise

Photo Courtesy: Military Diva

When you arrive at Senses, you will check in at a desk located right when you walk into the spa area.  They will check you in and walk you over to a locker room.  This is where you will undress and place all your belongings in a locker.

Senses on the Cruise

Photo Courtesy: Disney Magic Diva

You will then place on an overly comfortable robe and then be directed to a waiting area.  This  is where others are also waiting for their services.  They have large leather chairs and relaxing music playing. They also have an area set up with water and coffee so you can sit there and really relax before your service begins.

Someone then will come out and greet you and introduce themselves and take you into a treatment room. This is where they will ask you numerous questions about your health and if there’s any areas that you would like to see them work on more than others. I’ve never had that in any of the spas near my home so I thought this was a nice feature. Since I was getting the Swedish massage my massage was just under an hour. I feel like this was the perfect treatment for me. Like I mentioned earlier I did not want to miss out on too much being on the cruise so I did not want something that was going to last a few hours. I have two small children so I wanted to experience as much as possible on the ship but yet as a busy mom I feel like I really needed and wanted that little bit of a break.

Photo Courtesy: Military Diva

Once my massage was over my masseuse went over a few stress relief techniques with me since I carry most of my stress in my upper body. I really liked this because I learned a few things. She then led me back towards the locker room which had showers  that you can use if needed. I did not bother with this because our plan was to hit the pool at some point that morning.  The morning that I had my massage was the morning we docked in the Bahamas at Nassau. My family did not plan on getting off the ship this day we were just going to enjoy the ship being a little less crowded so this was good because it’s not like I had to be anywhere at a certain time. I felt like the early massage set the tone for me for a day of relaxation and not having to rush and be any place at any particular time.

Senses on a Cruise

Photo Courtesy: Disney Magic Diva

My recommendation is to do a spa treatment early, especially if you are traveling with your family including children.  I am also someone who likes to get up early even if my kids are not up yet. I find getting up early before everyone else helps relax me normally, so the fact that I was able to also do that on the cruise ship and book an early massage definitely work out for me. If you also know your itinerary and know what your plans are ahead of time, maybe book the treatment early. If you do plan on getting off the ship at a certain port,  you still have time to do so. You don’t want to go and have a nice relaxing treatment and then have to worry about rushing back and getting somewhere at a certain time.

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